Senior LockDown

Some people freak out when they hear lockdown however, for most seniors it’s just another day.

I live in a senior apartment building and most are 90 or older. These age groups don’t go out much for fun mostly for Dr. appointments. Now the Dr. offices are closed so they are inside looking out windows.

I find it comforting for myself, if I want to go visit they are home and happy to see me. What a joyous feeling to know you can brighten up someones day just by popping by.

life has little bright spots and some large ones, I am happy to be the little one in anyone of my neighbors heart.

Stay well and safe,


The Beginning of a New Season

It’s been a very long Winter and God Willing, we will have a glorious Spring.
This weekend is Easter, a time for pondering the months to come in a manner
of forgiveness and hope. A time to heal from our sicknesses and get healthy.

I will soon be a Great Grandmother for the first time, I have waited for this to happen in my lifetime and soon Weston will arrive and turn our lives upside down however, in a good way!

Life has many twists and turns and I am trying my best to handle them all however, when they are coming from all sides it’s hard to know what one to duck and what one to turn with.

God bless us all in these next coming months and enjoy all the Spring flowers which are blooming as I type.

In light and love,