Journeys Crossroad

I have traveled for 3 years,
flying back and forth from USA to Egypt.
I live in the Desert of Dreams
where dreams do come true
however not all.

Dreams of the main kind,
the dream I moved there for,
the reasons and beliefs.

The new ME 2006

I am now living back in USA for good
and rebuilding my business once more
and moving forward in my life.
Happy to be back in my mother country
and feeling alive again
also seeing smiles on peoples faces
and hearing them in their voices.

Disclaimer …

On My blog there is partical nudity, I use sensual photos to illustrate the music which is partial what this blog is about..
If you do not like or want to see partial nudity then please do not read my blog.
Not all posts contain or is with partial nudity photos.
I do write about other subjects.
Consider yourself warned!!!!!!

287 thoughts on “Journeys Crossroad

  1. I am new to Opera but I am finding it fascinating. Learning my way around. Glad that I subscribed to your blog. My Best Wishes Always.

  2. Hi Ja,Happy you joined opera I hope you enjoy all that Opera Land has to offer and also keep intouch with all of us we are here to help if needed

  3. Gesh Cat you better be careful you know how the sweets treat the hips 😀 John if you curb the cakes we all would not eat as much lolyou share so well 😀

  4. The Arabian horses and the perfect music to go with the mood was a delight.I have been away from the web for many months. Your website is a nice reward on my return.You would enjoy the saga of the foxes on a friend's site. He has good bird photos as well. The fox story is real and on-going. You will enjoy it. Go to.. is TGs Place [in Opera] and TonyGuitar.blogspot.comCheers for 2010, TG

  5. Hi TGI remember you from before nice to see you're back in Opera Land and also back here.Welcome back Nice site too foxes are wonderfulHappy New Year Thank you for the kind words too Fati

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