Has anyone heard from DAN?

HI all,

I noticed no postings from Dan, 😦 I know we are all busy but come on there must be something to say even a HI to all ????

I do hope Dan is ok and among us somehow even if it's in the lurking mode?

If you are reading Dan, I miss your writings and I am sure others do as well.

please post and reply.


5 thoughts on “Has anyone heard from DAN?

  1. Hey Eve!
    Thanks for missing me. I also feel the same about you.
    Yes, I've been as busy as hell lately.
    I'm happy I'm back with my connection at home and finally I got a new post on my journal (mainly explaning why I've been so away) which makes me even happier. 🙂
    We'll be 'seeing each other' as usual again…

  2. HI Elmar,Yes he is a great guy, I love him lots.. he is very interesting and has lived in Chicago before I met him . I think you will enjoy his blog very much . Eve

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