HI all,

First of all I would like to thank all of you whom posted to my PLEA FOR HELP 🙂 Thank you so so much.

Sister 2 that I live with has finally woke up and relized she can't afford to drive all the way to NC and pay for the car rental for 2 weeks plus gas and etc.

We will go to MD for my nephews graduation and the Cirque Del Soil These were the main reasons why the vacation was taken.

My sister 1 who lives in NC has a rude awakening coming to her. After her remark about how she has to THINK of herself and her health, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE. she just doesn't want to take a train or plane, it is a bit beneath her I feel and she doesn't want to pay that too.

I am so happy to have this problem solved maybe now I will sleep tonight?

I was laying in bed last night trying to sleep and as usual all the poems and wonderful lines came flowing and I didn't want to get up and type.

Today my mp3 flash memory came so now I can lay in bed and record my poems … awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Thank you all again for the support and efforts .

OH. I am working when we get back on the 7, so I won't miss to much work.



  1. I'm so sorry! I've just read your journal and found about your problem :worried:

    I'm glad to know that it is now solved and that the schedule proceeds as planed but for what it's worth, I would have chosen my nephew over my sister … :p

  2. Hi Ez,

    The Nephew was never the question, it was weather I should drive down to NC with my sister whom I live with and miss all the work . I didn't want to go to North Carolina but I didn't want my sister #2 to drive alone.

    So now we are just going to enjoy Maryland and my hephew and come back . short but sweet 🙂

    Thank you for always reading and replying.


  3. It is nice to know that your problem has been resolved.

    Here in Florida, we have the La Nouba Troup of Cirque De Soleil. That are simply fantastic! You will enjoy the Troup in MD a lot! I promise.

    I can say it is one of the most fun times I have ever had.


  4. Hello Eve, I tried to post a comment on your previous journal when you were asking for opinions but due to other distractions I didn't complete what I was intending to do. However, I would have said that your attendance at your nephew's graduation is something that would give both you and he great pleasure and that, in the long-term, this would be the best thing to do, you and he will always remember it with much happiness. I was also going to say that there was little, if any thing, to gain by going with your sister and missing out on your nephew's great day. 'Appeasing' your sister would not really have appeased her for very long. I infer this from what you have told us previously. In fact you have said it all I agree with your conclusion. I have emailed you 2xmp3 audio files from my gmail addy. Best wishes 🙂

  5. HI K,

    I am not sure the name of the show I am going to see I just asked my sister and she isn't sure.
    It was on tv before but I know we will love it anyway.

    My nephew has bought a lot of tickets for all of us and his friends too there will be a huge gang going and if they are anything like him … we will have a ball.


  6. Hello My long time no see Lokutus. 🙂

    The graduation was never the problem it was the driving from MD to NC which I didn't want to anyway and miss all the work, no work no pay 😦

    I didn't want my sister whom I live with to drive that far alone too and finally she came to her senses and isn't going to NC only to her sons and we will have a good time I will make sure of that.

    I haven't checked the gmail but i will now ,, I wouldn't want to miss that sweet voice of yours 🙂


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