MIA ………….our friends of Opera land..

HI Everyone,

I found myself wondering where did all our friends go?

Dan is MIA

Howard Brown .. MIA

Dukibean… MIA

ArtMan … MIA

a couple of others whom I read and post to however, I am not sure all of you do.

Is it vacation time or just taking a break from the journals?

Just my thoughts.


8 thoughts on “MIA ………….our friends of Opera land..

  1. I have noticed that many "regulars" have moved on. I suspect this is very normal in this environment.

    So, perhaps it is time to collect new friends on Opera. There are many many to choose from!

    I am glad you're still here, my friend.


  2. …..and of course I am still here. Until something new comes along you will have to put up with me 🙂

  3. HI Kay,

    I have made contact with Artman 🙂 thank G he is ok.

    I havent seen any new people I would want to post or read their journals but then again I didn't search for any new ones, I like the ones I have 🙂

    I am happy too you are among the crowd 🙂


  4. Hi My Sweet Lokuts,

    It's my pleasure to "PUT UP WITH YOU " 🙂 never a dull moment with you around and needless to say MOON TAN also 🙂


  5. Eve, my dear.
    Be sure I'm reading your journal as usual.
    I'm just not posting that much 'cause my connection here at home is driving me crazy.
    And posting from work is no good idea (following JCL's advice).
    Please, keep on writing because I'll be reading and commenting as opportunities appear. 🙂

  6. HI Dan,

    Thank you for the reply, I wasn't sure you were still with us in Opera land 🙂 happy to know you are.

    I understand about bad connections, in Egypt even with what they call DSL it was sucky.

    Thank you again, missing your postings.


  7. … of at least two people on your list who have posted recently 🙂 So I'm sure they will all be back one day or another (hopefully sooner rather than later).

    I have a DSL connection and it doesn't suck all that much – in fact I quite like it 🙂

    Hope you are doing well.


  8. I know I'm kind of a newbie (but I still expect to be rookie of the year) and I will be here for a while.

    Si me llego a ir, no lo hare sin despedirme 🙂

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