Finally they see !

After working all weekend ALONE and doing 16 rooms on Saturday plus laundry and then Sunday doing 20 rooms and most of them were stays and also doing laundry and making sure there were free rooms to rent.

I worked until 7:00 Pm from 8:30 Am on Sunday all alone except the front desk girl.

Today, Monday the 10th I told the manager if I am going to do 3 peoples work I want more money !!!!! She said, " OH Believe me …….you are going to get it!"

She spoke to the owner and believe it or not he dragged his feet in giving me more money after what I did for his business all weekend,, OH I forgot to mention this I also have an upper respiratory infection besides 😦

So today she said I will be making more money ,, keep posted I will let you know HOW MUCH MORE LOL I am sure it won't be much…………. A**holes !

Venting finished 🙂

Love and hugs

6 thoughts on “Finally they see !

  1. ha ha Eve all those who pay our salaries are A-holes because it's never enough….but that is so cool! yippee, a RAISE! I so hope its a whole bunch of money so you have extra to treat yourself with! You deserve it Eve after all that hard work! I firmly believe that we should be well paid for what we do!

  2. Hi Eve!I'm really happy for you.When you get to work well and show that 'respect' is what you expect to get in return things start working out better for you.I hope the money gets A LOT BETTER. If it doesn't, at least they have seen your effort and more money will drop every week.Love,Danps.: I'm so sorry for not being home during weekend. My grandma is here with us, and I had a lot of time spent with her at hospital. She's fine now, afterall. 😉

  3. HI CapeG and Dan,Thank you for your wishes, I know the owner and he doesn't part to fast with the old mighty $$$$$ :(This other girl who was working for over 14 yrs was only making 10 $ per hour and she was GREAT ! She left for greener pastures too 😦 They don't care since they dont have to deal with the problems that is what the mgr is for :(Dan, I thought you had a date ???? where are the details??LoveEve

  4. Patron opresor!!!Don't worry Eve, remember that we always get what we deserve in life, yeah, I know it sometimes takes more than what we expect but, the good point here is that at least they're recognizing your hard work. Thumbs up for you 🙂

  5. ha!Eve, I wrote about my date couple of hours earlier.It was not a so good date, specially because I was trying to stay out of the hospital.My grandma spent most of the weekend not feeling well.Love,Dan

  6. Hi you 2,Thanks again for your support and advice. Dan I will go read your post now I looked before and didn't see it.I hope your grandma gets better soon. I know how hard it is to see them sick.loveEve

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