The Smile

I was walking to work as usual, I forgot what time it was I think it was about 8:45 this morning when usually I walk earlier. I was busy on the net or doing something that kept in at the house longer this morning and I am really happy I was home longer.

I walk the same road all the time and really not looking around at the cars that pass me by since I don't want to have them look at me anyway and draw attention to myself as hard as it is to avoid.

I walk past a few drive ways and I alway check to make sure a car isn't zooming out of it which will run me over, they are a bit crazy around here ..

I past this church and it shares a drive way with a mental health building sorta like a huge Victorian house and also a business is in the back of it and they all share the driveway.

I use my mp3 player listening to tunes and yet aware of my surroundings at the same time and this pickup truck was attempting to turn into this driveway between the church and the mental health building.. I usually wave the person to go since I don't want them to block traffic and I did this to him on this day and never seeing this truck or man before he was happy I waved him in and as he passed in front of me and seeing me face to face he was all SMILES as if he saw an old friend for the first time in years..

His SMILE burned into my heart. It was the most beautiful smile I have seen in many years. He made me feel so welcomed and warm. I don't know where he works however, today I checked and his truck was parked closer to the mental health building so maybe he is a counselor.

I get now the impression that maybe he sees me walking everyday and finally this morning he sees me UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL ???? Maybe he WAS happy to finally see the lady who walks ???

All I know is he made me feel wonderful and now I look for this SMILE and I am either to early or to late for walking to work

Chemistry is all that's needed .. I see smiles all the time however, not many move me.. This one did.

Eve dreaming 🙂

Love To All

9 thoughts on “The Smile

  1. Eve!!!!! You have a crush!!!! ha ha (in sing songy voice) "eve has a cr-ush, eve has a cr-ush!" just kidding. This is too sweet Eve, now how can you devise a plan to meet The Smiler? maybe you could leave a lipstick message on his car window? no that's too much like stalking….I think maybe you should just leave a note saying…"thanks for the smile" and sign it…the "mp3 lady" C'mon Eve be a devil! 😉

  2. HI Cape,You know I was thinking of putting a thank you note on his window, I am sure he would enjoy that as much as I did his smile.Crush??? No, it was just so wonderful to see a beautiful face with a matching smile.In Egypt you don't see people smiling or even saying, " GOOD MORNING" as you pass them on the street.. Here in Connecticut you do and it lets you know ……….I am visible !You are so sweet and believe me I can be a devil :devil: when the mood strikes :yikes:I was thinking maybe his smile was a message from up above like an invite for me to have my mind adjusted :idea:Thanks for the encouragement, one never knows what the mp3 lady will do next :sing:Hugs Eve

  3. It sounds like chemistry to me…*sigh* It's great when we feel that someone really "sees" us for who we are.Imagine all those little connections we make – sometimes we never find out where they will lead or what happens to the people that we connect with – even if it's only for a moment. But that's life: billions of people and not enough time to get to know all of them. Then again that makes the ones we do get to know even more special (especially if we like them!)Love,JCL.

  4. hey eve, sounds like a hook-up in the making or a new friend in waiting. over here in east texas, we having a lot of people from new orleans settling in. to them this is a culture shock or whatever. i trying my best to show them a smile and kind word. but most of them are building walls around themselves. why, i don't know why. but all i can do is keep on trying. later chucky56

  5. "I was thinking maybe his smile was a message from up above like an invite for me to have my mind adjusted"I think this could be true… funny how small things can become huge to us inwardly, sometimes changing attitudes in minutes. I think the world would be a better place if more people behaved as he did to you. I wonder what made him so happy right at that moment?

  6. HI Chucky,I am so happy to see you doing this for the N.O. people, it's so important for them to feel welcomed. Keep doing it even if they are building walls, maybe your smile will break down the wall of one person and then that person will do the same.Thanks for reading my thoughts and replying :)Eve

  7. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and warm feelings and virtual smiles on this posting.I find it wonderful that this simple act of a brillant smile could imprint on my heart so much. I know I am in a low spot in my life now and maybe I needed this at this moment? It just feels great to be seen and not feel invisible as I do most of the time since I don't have any friends just a few women at my job that I am close to only at work.I wish I can tell him how much his beautiful smile meant to me maybe it would inspire him or others to do the same.Thanks again my wonderful Virtual friends.Love Eve

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