I have been hearing these words so much lately and I am starting to think about my leaps.

I feel I have taken several Leaps of Faith in the past 4 years and I am about to decide if one more is needed.

How does one know when it is a Leap of Faith? Does one just dive in and say .. "I am in Gods hands?"

How many Leaps of Faith does it take to become the right leap and the final leap?

Are these words just being thrown around losely and not responsibly ?

How many times have you heard this expression?

I would enjoy your views on this 🙂

Not yet Leaping


11 thoughts on “LEAP OF FAITH

  1. Hi EveI can only speak from my own experience. My leaps of faith have not always turned out well. This might be because I leaped and then just when it was time to take the final step…I stopped, mainly because of fear of the unknown. On the other hand, some leaps on my part worked out fabulously…for example quitting my office job at the age of 27 to study and work in nature conservation (best decision I ever made), having a relationship with a man I loved so much and brought me so much joy etc…Then… some leaps worked out well, not because they had a good ending but because I learned so much from doing them and they were needed for my spiritual development.My final word on leaping is….DO IT. I may not have a perfect outcome but you will be unlikely to forget it…EVER. :)Where are you thinking of jumping to? 😉

  2. I also think the phrase itself indicates not really having any proof that it's a good thing to do…this in itself is very freeing and character building. I personally think that such leaps can actually be more "responsible" than times when we cheat ourselves and others by not being all we can be…if you see what I mean?

  3. Hi Eve!I've heard this expression a lot, and I've even took some leaps of my own. I believe that everything starts with a leap of faith. Faith in what? It depends on every different situation.Maybe even such a simple thing as switching jobs implies a leap of faith, faith in that the new job will be better. Just a thought.

  4. HI CapeGirl and EZ,I do understand your point and I did do the LeAP to Egypt several times and my heart always wanted to be back here in USA due to the way I was treated and the suffering I went thru while staying there.I can't keep flying back and forth and I do have 5 children and 4 grandkids here in USA and even if they don't talk to me or bother with me at least I am here if they should wake up one day and say HUM maybe I do need my Mom.I also have options here for work and life in Egypt it's very limited however, there is low cost meds there and it's cheaper to live there than here I just don't know.I like the fact that I am living with people who can understand me when I speak, and I can work in my own business or work for someone so many choices. In Egypt very few.I have taken many leaps in my long life, and I never regret even the leaps that didn't work out.. I am just tired of not knowing what's best for me. I am totally confused and my saying is, " when in doubt…. DON'T !LoveEve

  5. Yes I think I agree with "when in doubt, don't" actually. Because it's our inner warning alarm system saying "no" or "wait" etc. I just wonder about doubts sometimes being related to terrible fears that actaully cloud the judgement. So you're thinking about maybe moving to Egypt for good? I also am sorry to hear that you aren't that close to your family at present. They should appreciate you more Eve. You are such a lovely lady.There are things in my life about which I am currently totally confused. Major things. And for this reason I feel totally paralysed…stuck if you will. So now I am in limbo about it and it feels stupid and awful. However perhaps sometimes, there are times that are not suited for making such decisions and even though it might feel we are running out of time, we need to wait for the "a-ha" moment when it becomes suddenly clear what to do.I feel you on this one girlfriend! 🙂

  6. HI CG,Yes you do feel me on this one since this is just have I feel STUCK :(Also there is someone waiting for me and it's not fair to this person to wait however I can't let him go and I can't bring him here soooo I have to either go or not.There's more to the story we can talk on private :)Thank you for caring and understanding. and YES FEAR does play a big part in my decissions I hate that but it's there never the less. LoveEve

  7. Well it's nice when life runs smoothly and without predicaments but well I guess we need these difficult moments too, to find out what we're really made of. I'm going to e-mail you Eve 🙂

  8. eve,don't worry, you will know what to do when the time is right. i just want to add my two cents to the question of 'what should i do next?'when i first heard someone say "go out on a limb, that's where the fruit is." it shook me and i met all opportunities with a strong intention and felt like i was a mover and a shaker of the world.then someone said "bloom where you're planted." and that made a lot of sense to me. to dig in where i am 'now' was a big help against procrastinating and geographic confusion. "the 'worker' is hidden in the workshop."now i look way back to a desert saying "the way of the flow of the river of life is written in the sands." sufi proverbi am not a fatalist, nor do i believe that if i stop paddling frantically god will slip a life raft under my butt and save me.but i do think that we need to be quiet and sit with a question until a sense of my real "I" appears. then i know what to do.i also think you're a wonderful lady and deserving of more attention from your family. this is something very 'modern' children having no relationship with their parents. i have four and for the most part they seem to be able to do without me. but then it was i who taught them to be individualists independent and free. but it's a lonely world we live in and a word from them now and then always boosts my spirits. they are young and busy carving out a life for themselves.

  9. Hello Eve,I was just reading your blog.. to get acquainted with you. When I got to this one my heart went out to you. I have doubts sometime, too. For instance.. what should I do? where should I decide to live? …just all kinds of questions. I wanted to give you an answer that I received from Dr. Charles Stanley, a pastor in Atlanta. I have saved these devotions and the first one I opened in my file just happened to be this: November 09, 2005Fear or Faith?MATTHEW 14:22-33"Many believers will go through life missing divine opportunities because they are afraid to live as God intends. Fear can paralyze us into inaction–then our life fills with lost chances to serve, minister, or see the Lord’s work up close. Consider the 11 disciples who stayed in the boat when Peter got out and walked to Jesus. How many times must each man have regretted choosing safety over the intense joy of stepping on water next to the Son of God? But Andrew, John, and the others missed their opportunity. Unfortunately, many Christians stay in the boat all their lives too. At the end, these same folks probably wonder why their lives seem empty.We easily succumb to fear’s potency when we attempt to endure trouble in our own strength. We were not created to live in such a way. God designed us to function best when we allow Jesus Christ’s divine power to supplant our weakness. As he stood on the surface of the Sea of Galilee, Peter looked around at the fierce wind and remembered that no human can walk on water. His own strength was inadequate to keep him afloat, and he quickly sank. Jesus’ greater power was sufficient to lift Peter from the sea and carry them both safely to the boat. Apprehension can paralyze the believer and consequently freeze the Lord’s plan. But responding with faith to God’s directions unleashes divine power and sets His work into motion. The moment that we step out of the boat and move away from the familiar boundaries of our limited strength, we walk by faith."I just wanted to tell you how I, personally, am able to cope with the recent loss of my loving husband. As a widow, there are lots of questions in my mind. My two daughters here in Alaska have been so much help in letting me live with them and my son and daughter in Florida are sending me a plane ticket to go there for the winter. But if I did not have God's word, the Bible, to get me through. I would go crazy! This is just another percpective on The Leap of Faith. :happy:Thank you for your comment on my blog, too. I will be praying that you make the right decisions for your life.

  10. HI Mary,I am so blessed to have you read my journal thank you so much.I first want to explain one thing, I have 5 children and 4 grandkids whom none speak or see me anymore.I have been in worse situations however, I had my children with me at those times and having support from family really does help. You are blessed to have your children in your life.What I did 4 years ago was for God as well and myself and I thought it was the best for me at that time.I am 58 now and I want a life once more, I am tired of flying here and there and going no where.Thank you again for caring enough to spend time to get to know me.. I really did and do enjoy your words.In light and love,Eve

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