Finally They SEE part 2.

Hey all,

I wanted to update you on the work and pay from last week when I worked all those hours.

I didn't get a raise but instead he paid me a bonus of $200.00 before taxes.. 🙂

He also hand wrote a note of thanks for my hard work and efforts for just that day not in general .. I don't understand people like this.. Would it kill them to acknowledge my dedication and team efforts?

I am happy for the bonus, I just know what goes around comes around, even for them !

Eve who is happy now but still over worked and tired .

Love and hugs

5 thoughts on “Finally They SEE part 2.

  1. HI EZ,I said the same to the manager who sees all my efforts.. I feel it's a control thing on their part.. little do they know it's their loss :)Thanks for the congrats :)Eve

  2. Fabulous news Eve. Bonuses are well….fantastic! I too wish you could get paid better for all the days you work however. But hey might as well love what we get too, hey? Will you use it for something special?

  3. HI Cape, thanks for the congrats 🙂 I put it in my bank account, I will need it for something thats for sure. Plane ticket or car depends what I do and when I do it.All in due time.Eve

  4. I am just the same you know. I plug all my extra money into a bank account and I can never think of what to do with it that seems worthy. I should "treat" myself more often, but I never do. Perhaps it's a lesson I need to learn?

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