Anniversary of Iraq War

HI All,

I saw this interview on the news today and really felt good that someone did a book from the soldiers side and used their photos to show the real war not the MEDIA war.

I was living in Egypt when the Iraq war started and it really changed my safety there and now here in USA. Thank you GWB!!!!

I hope you will read and feel what these young people felt and how it's so wrong for KIDS to be dying for the wealth of GWB and his buddies!!!

Music is from a PBS TV <PUBLIC BROADCASTING STATION> show called LIBERTY.. I felt it was appropriate for this post.. Where is THE LIBERTY IN THESE PHOTOS…. ?????
Enjoy this beautiful song, it stirrs my heart and soul.
12 – Song of the Liberty Bell – Mark O'Connor, James Taylor, Yo Yo Ma & Wynton Marsalis.wav
THIS IS OUR WAR.. A book of photos from Soldiers

Editorial Reviews
From Publishers Weekly

Memorable not for their artistry, but for the perspective they provides, these amateur photographs, collected by GQ senior writer Friedman, provide a record of the war in Iraq that is both more mundane and intimate than most media images: A woman is baptized in one of Saddam's bathtubs. Six-hundred-fifty million dollars of supposed oil-for-food money is discovered in one day. A soldier's gun is trained on a smiling young boy. A shepherd tending his flock studies a Humvee. Group photos of battalions and divisions lend a yearbook like feel to the volume, while a wife's sexy portraits spice up the collection. When two Black Hawk helicopters collided in the fall of 2003, killing 17 U.S. soldiers, readers learn about its effect on an Iraqi civilian who lost his roof. An automobile accident stateside is the only narrative about an individual soldier's death. More contentious chapters in the war's history are lightly glossed (the one Abu Ghraib photo included seems mostly like a nod to the obligatory, though the accompanying narrative is surprisingly candid). Notable for its lack of pretense, this compilation of soldiers' snapshots nimbly avoids politicking in its portrayal of life on the ground in Iraq.

Book Description
For all who have served in Iraq in the past three years, plus everyone who cares about those quarter million Americans—their wives and husbands, parents and children, friends and colleagues—here are 250 glimpses into life in wartime Iraq, a singularly intimate soldier’s-eye view of their war. Neither pro-war nor anti-, not Republican and not Democratic, this book is what life is really like for the troops: a true, honest glimpse into the banal and the breathtaking, the horrific and the honorable, the silly and sad and heartbreaking.

This is the first digital war, not because of computer-guided smart bombs or CNN videophones, but because of the simple, inexpensive digital camera, a part of daily life for Americans in Iraq and the way our soldiers share that life—with their friends and family, with one another, and now in This Is Our War. These photos and in-depth narrative captions were culled from the ten thousand images that GQ collected, creating a striking, moving, and revealing work of contemporary American history. Part Day in the Life, part Medal of Honor, and part War Letters, this book is an instant snapshot of history in the making.

To find more about this book and author you can click HERE

In Love and Light..


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