Karunesh.. Dusk

This song reminded me of the emotions I felt while touring the most famous landmark
in Cairo, Egypt. "THE CITADEL"

Please enjoy this song ….


My day there was full of adventure as much as a spiritual awakening. I hope you will
feel some of what I felt on this wonderful day.

As I walked around the inside of this Mosque on the red carpet, I could hear this Oriental man dressed in white linens doing the calling.. " ALLAH AKABAR" ALLAH AKABAR" the echoes of his beautiful voice brought tears to my eyes..

I wanted to stay there forever with this feeling of devotion and a bond in spirituality from those encountering the same feelings as I and
all in the same time.

I touched as much of the walls and insides as I could to feel the energy of the builders and the men of many that worked hard to build this magestic Citadel.

This is what I came to Cairo for.. This is what I lived now for.. I will never forget this moment in my life and the warm feeling of Allahs love flowing over my being and so deeply set into my heart.

The area where the Citadel is now located began it's life not as a great military base of operations, but as the "Dome of the Wind", a pavilion created in 810 by Hatim Ibn Hartama, who was then governor. Indeed this area was well known for its cool breeze. These early governors, not realizing its strategic importance, simply used the pavilion for its view of Cairo. Between 1176 and 1183, Salah ad-Din (Saladin to Westerners 1171-1193 AD), an Abbasid Ruler, fortified the area to protect it against attacks by the Crusaders, and since then, it has never been without a military garrison. Originally it served as both a fortress and a royal city.

With love and devotion,


11 thoughts on “Karunesh.. Dusk

  1. The song was most pleasing after a day of hard work,and frustration.It makes one stop,and think of the more enjoyable things in life.Steven

  2. HI Steven,I am honored you are enjoying my work. Also happy I can offer you some comfort in the end of your day.I know how hard construction work is so any time you are welcometo sit back and relax here. Thank youEve

  3. HI Elmar,Thank you for sharing :)It would have been nice to share this with someone like yourself instead of my husband whose heart is dead :(Shokran Fatimah

  4. I finally found a photo that is from this magical placeand I hope you will enjoy feeling more now that the photo of what I seen is here. Fati

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