Earth Spirit.. The Creatures

Earth Spirit

I met a man online who is Native American and after chatting with him I had the taste for Native American music. He is part (Lakota, sioux). He has played with Oliver Shanti who is a well known artist of Native American music.. I have posted a few songs of his in my blog.

He is a musician and plays the Native American flute which is a wonderful sound. He also spoke Indian to me 🙂 so nice to see these words. Tokeske yaun eh (how are you)? O'han toksa ake (see you later)

I am hoping to hear his original music infact I have asked him to do a blog here on Opera where we can all enjoy his spirit and his music ..
Whichs makes me feel the great spirit in the form it was meant for all of us to feel.

Today I was driving the retired english professor to his doctor appointment and on the road coming home it was raining hard and I noticed a lump in the road so I stopped the car to take a closer look.

I felt so horrible to see it was a poor turtle trying to get off the road, it seems that some car had ran it over and it was bleeding near its back leg.. I bent down and lifted the turtle with my 2 hands and walked it off the road on to the grass.

I did not care if it was a snapper or not I only cared that no other car would hurt it or even kill it.. I had tears in my heart knowing this wonderful gift from our God has been hurt by some unkind person who must have been blind or just plain cruel.

This turtle was large enough not to hit so even my professor said it had to be intentional 😦 .. Tears came to my eyes with those words, at that point I felt the pain the turtle felt and I pray now for him to be well.

This day inspired me to seek this song and to find photos to remind us all that the Earth is not just ours but the creatures God placed along side us .

In love and
Earth Spirit

14 thoughts on “Earth Spirit.. The Creatures

  1. Hi Fatimah!I am listening to the music and it's fantastic! Music has the power of healing the wounds of time! So, you are giving away the effective drugs here… hhmmm? :sing:Well, love for the Mother Earth as well as for the other plantes, and for those beings that live on them, has always been seen in your nature. Hey, friend! You did the good thing and I think the turtle must be missing you now! :)Have a nice & musical morning with a :)!!!Gopal.

  2. Hi Eve,the music is wonderful.And your work is wonderful also. I hope, the turtle will survive…Thanks for this post and have a nice day:heart:Elke

  3. Fatimah,Hello……that was such a soft and caring thing to do. When we are traveling throught Oklahoma I often think of the animals that get run over by the cars. Because I see them often on the road… makes me sad that someone did not look out where they were driving. 😦 Just last week, we were about 5 miles from the Wichita Mountains, a HUGE deer was lying dead in the center of the road. It is only a 4 lane road but a concrete barrier in between the roads… anyway, I noticed the deer about half a mile before we drove up on it, I mean, how can you not notice something in the road? We slowed down and I almost cried for this beautiful animal, and about half a mile up the road and young man was out of his little white car looking at the SMASHED UP front end of it. I felt more sad for the deer and less sad for him and was so happy the animal (in a way) punished the man for hitting him. 🙂 :love:Sarah

  4. Hi, Fatimah, It is so wonderful that you took the turtle from the road. It reminds me how we found a hedgehog in our yard and it was also sick. We left him for the night and next day my X and our daughter took him to the woods. I was very glad, because it was a love lesson for her. I don't know why I can't hear the music. I am sure it is wonderful.Love, Ramute.

  5. Hi, Fatimah!Thank you for this post!It will be very nice, if there will be a blog for Native American Music!Have a nice day!Nik

  6. HI Nik,Here is JOHN whom I spoke about in my post he has come to Opera to join us and he will post his music too 🙂 we are very blessed to have him here with us.I am glad you like Native American music also :)Fatimah

  7. HI Sarah,I know what you mean I see deer dead on the roads too but sometimes they run out in front of you and you can't stop I had this happen to me 😦 I had one fly on top of my car one time from dogs chasing it and my car was NEW 😦 I love hearing stories how people saved cats like your little kitty virgo you did a great thing even if it didn't work out but your efforts were the right action.Thanks for sharing and reading Love Fatimah

  8. HI Ramute,I knew you were like me when it comes to animals 🙂 you must be a spirit sister to me too 🙂 Trussk was one with me however she isn't online any more 😦 why can't you hear the music ? 😦 let me know I can send it to you via emailLoveFatimah

  9. Hi Fatimah,Thank you for posting the words you put towards me. Your words are kind. Plus i can tell your love for wild life does tell alot about you. What you did for that turtle is a really nice and loving thing. It deserves a chance in this life as well as we all do. I can tell your heart is a beautiful heart that love and cares. Peace, love and happiness keep you always.Your New Friend,ajustjohn

  10. HI ELKE and DAVE and Gopal,thank you for enjoying and caring for our creatures too sometimes we forget that we all have to co-exsist :)My new friend John has given me the inspiration for the music and the turtleGod bless him for the story. Love to allFatimah

  11. HI John,I am so honored that you joined Opera and have commented in my blog which this post was for you 🙂 Thank you also for your kind words about me and my post.. I am only one person and imagine if we all do random acts of kindness how great our world would be.Welcome to Opera Land and I hope we get to hear your music soon. I can't wait :)Your friend Fatimah

  12. Hello Andreu,I am so thrilled you enjoyed this music just wait until my new friend John puts his music on Opera we will all be so happy :)More to come my friend thank you for enjoying all Fatimah

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