India through a Trekkers Eye

I don't usually post about a photo album however this one is very special.

Please listen to this music as you view his photos,

I am sure you will feel heaven.

Drop of Silence

He showed me a differnt side of India I have never seen before,
and gave me feelings I have felt however never for India.

He is a trekker and I am sure a photographer as his photos are well taken
and you can feel his heart in each photo from his flowers to the highest mountian.

I hope you will enjoy the few minutes it takes to see his album
and see India through the eyes of a trekker.


Viewed with Love,

13 thoughts on “India through a Trekkers Eye

  1. I hope you all will tell me your feelings on his photos I dont think I will be the only one seeing India differntly :)Thanks for reading

  2. Hi Fatimah!First of all thankd a lot for the soft music which suits my temperament. :)Well, the scenes in the photos are really great. They are the scenes of the Himalaya Mountain. The Himalayas is very beautiful and you will love its every part, if you come to India and visit it. I went there once some 3 years ago and I loved it!!! Unfortunately I had not got any camera with me 😦 to catch all the beautiful scenes I saw there. But still, I have them in my memory in tact.:)Thanks a lot! Have a nice morning! 🙂

  3. I never imagined India could be so beautiful. Thanks for reminding me of the different and wonderful mountainous area. Reminds me of the high mountais in Utah.Cheers:D

  4. HI Gopal,Thank you for enjoying your country as well.. 🙂 this area seem so magical I can't imagine what it would be like to really see it first hand. You are lucky you have seen it and now you have photos of what you saw even if they did not come from your camera :)Thanks for enjoying Fatimah

  5. HI Dave,with us being American and not experiencing this part of the world I thought it would be nice to share this mans photos.. There are many places like Heaven and why not show it off ? :)Most of the time when you think of India you think of the crowded streets and millions of people however, no one thinks of this kind of INDIA .. at least the ones who have never been there :)Thank you always for visiting me and enjoying my heart:) Fatimah

  6. Hi Fatimah!The Himalays is really a very wonderful and magical area. It's really quite a different thing and thrill to see its mountain range and the beautiful rivers falling from so high valleys. You will get thrilled and enjoy it. Visiting the Himalayas and its different parts or areas is a remembrance forever…!!!Wish you pleasant things on your way today and always…!Gopal.

  7. HI Gopal.I am sure seeing all the areas in Indian mountains are the most magical my friend has a summer home in Kasmir .. One day maybe I will see it too :)thanks for commenting

  8. I was astonished to see so many flovers, it seemed to me that Himalai are only rocks and snow. Thanks for sharing. This is really different side of India.Thanks again, Ramute.

  9. HI Ramute,As usual you feel as I do in viewing things 🙂 I did not know all this too and this is why I share things with others to broaden their minds and hearts.I am really happy I found this blog and his photosLoveFatimah

  10. Hi,This is pretty cool. V nice find.BTW these are Himalayan foothills, not himalaya proper. but these parts are more enjoyable because the weather is not extreme.another thing you feel when u go there is that it evokes spiritual feelings in you. You find yourself so tiny in the great world God created that you are humbled. Trust me i'm not religious :)the treks are organized by many organizations including the youth hostel… many start from manali and nainital. they are incredibly cheap and once in a life time experience.

  11. HI Findachinthank you for reading and enjoying the photos and also for your comment which I find wonderful explaination.It would be great to experience this sometime..maybe in my next life :)thanks againFatimah

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