23 thoughts on “Computer Life

  1. Mom,These pictures and words are very funny :)A smile is equal to ten tonic, let’s smile all our difficult circumstances away or sharing weal, etc… of lifeI was going to do something to happy world funny (july, 1st)But I was busy Thank you for sharing themYour sonDiem

  2. HI my Son,I am so happy I can place a smile on your face and I know you have been busy.it's nice to see you here with me again ..Love to you Mom

  3. Hi Fatimah!The cartoons are really very funny! You have a good taste for humour!Wish you a very fantastic day!!! :)Gopal.

  4. HI Nik,I am happy you enjoy my sense of humor.. I do love computer jokes very much.I hope your summer is going well for you too.:)Fatimah

  5. HI Gopalthank you for the wishes of a good day and as you know I had half aday good :)now for the next half :Dthank you for staying next to meFatimah

  6. HI Marcus and Elke,Yes sometimes I want to throw my laptop out the window lol WHEN THE KEYS START MAKING t5 y6 and some of you have seen this πŸ˜€ thanks for enjoying the toons more to come:) my scout is very busy finding things for us to LOL at :)Love to allFatimah

  7. the first cartoon of the bride walking in on her "computer nerd" groom to be is HYSTERICAL!!!! I can so relate to that cartoon, but my fiance better make it to the wedding:lol:Jen

  8. hahaha another funniest post I like the mail box and the LAST picture most. Actually LAST ONE is the one really made me happy. I was just laughing and seeing the last one…. I dont know who make these cartoons and how they get these funny ideas in their mind.. nice postsadaf

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