Dancing Queen

80s Music

I found this song looking for another one
and it brought back so many memories
of my dancing days in this club
I use to frequent so much 🙂

I use to gather my friends from work and we would all go there
and really enjoy dancing and of course drinking and having many laughs.
I also knew the DJ and he would always play my favorite songs and those of others.

We would dance until it closed at 3am sometimes 4am 🙂
I wanted to share my memories of this song with you and DAVE THIS ONE I know you will remember ..

This song is a blend of all the favorite songs of this time.
I love the arrangement and the way it's remixed.

This is ME in 1983 in the resturant I use to manage part time
and also was head waitress,

I hope you enjoy the song and for those who remember the 80s
remember what you were doing way back then.

With Love

15 thoughts on “Dancing Queen

  1. OMG you are beautiful! You looked fine the way you are. I can't hear sound yet, but as soon as I fix this, I will listen. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your memories. Reminds me of what we talked about, very cool. :heart:Sarah

  2. HI Sarah,thank you for your sweet words and yes it is what we talked about 🙂 I hope you get to hear the song its so great.loveFatimah

  3. Hello My son Tristanyou are so handsome and you too look like an angel 🙂 must run in the family :)if you search my blog you will have a huge collection of music Love Mom

  4. OMG and Holy Crap!I'm right there with you……..God we had a good time, didn't we?Man, what a looker you are……and thinner now…… OMG, hold me back!Let's dance!Fati, Thanks for this wonderful, inspiring and memorable post.Warmest,Dave 😀

  5. Hi Fatimah, you look beautiful! In 80-ties I graduated from the universty and my son was already 3 years old. He began to go to kindergarten ant I began to work as psychologist in the Cancer Clinic. Then my daughter was born (1985). I quit my job and was with her untillshe was three.Love, Ramute. 🙂

  6. HI DaveI knew you would love this remix of all the great songs from that time period, thank you for making me smile so much :)))) Yes !!! I had a great time back then clubbing all the time and having many friends and lots of good people around me all the time not just sometime ..thanks for allowing me to bring memories back to you too.. and Yes I am thinner now and blonde not black hair any more .. thank you again Fati

  7. HI Ramute thank you for your compliments I had just had my 5th child in 82 and lost 40 pounds with that pregnacy as I did with my other son too. I was hotter after than before haha.You seemed to have so much going on in this time period for you and you have accomplished so much even having young children what a great role model you are for your children .You also did cancer counseling? wow we have to talk 🙂 thank you my sweet Ramute for sharing and always caringLove to youFatimah

  8. MOMThank you MOMYes I know and I have saved a lot of songs on your blog :)Now I have near 40 songs of yours 🙂 and almost your postsI love youyour sonTristan

  9. Hi Fatimah It is so wonderful,both of the song and your photos.You are very beautiful.I believe i tell the truth.~~~:):) YE~~there are must some events in 80s.But i cannot remember,because i born at that time.but i can remember the 90s.so if you like it,i can tell you something about me at that time.~~~LOL~~~~ Thanks for Fatimah. LOL~~~~:)if you sell the songs in here.i think you must be a rich woman.there are must be some person exchange in here.~~LOL~~~~I will say :"he~~Fatimah,please give me one,i need it.",affirmatively.:):):) Take care Mercury

  10. Hello my Son TristanI am so happy you have so much of my music this will keep me close to you:)thank you for your messages on yahoo too Love youMom

  11. Hello Mercurythank you for your kind words you are so sweet. I know you werent born in the 80 since we do talk and are friends :)I will think of something nice for the 90s you can share ok?I don't sell the songs I share them I hope to see you again soon it's been a longtime and Tristan too the 3 of us need to chat :)HugsFatimah

  12. Dear Fatimah ~~LOL~~i made a joke with you,ye~~you sharing the songs.:):) OK,just like you said,you,Tristan and me need to chat.I think we can chat when both of ue online.:):D The 90s,is a nice period.Please let me thinking,i will sharing them with aoo my friends. yours Mercury

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