Return to the Magical Place

I am back house sitting again at this beautiful home with POOL 🙂

My daughter and her girls came over again yesterday and we enjoyed a few hours of sun and great swimming and of course the dog enjoyed it more she loves to swim with us.

Today the weather is suppose to turn stormy so I don't know if swimming will happen.

I have never been in a place so peaceful and so wonderful as this one .
I will take more photos after work today this place is a place to share not to keep secret.

I am going to be here at least once a month. I was asked to sit in the middle of Aug and also in the end of Sept. 🙂
Why would I say NO? lol..

with love

13 thoughts on “Return to the Magical Place

  1. MOM:) so wonderful and I gree I am waiting for your beautiful photos and great things you will tell usTristan

  2. Hello, dear Eve,what good news! I'm sure, you will have a nice time again.How are the temperatures on your place in these days? Is it really hot?Ohh, here we have since 2 weeks or more always 35-38° C. All the nice blossoms are very thirsty.I hope, you have a nice day.Elke

  3. Dear Fatimah I am so happy when i hear the news you enjoy youeself with your family.:):) Please take care,and i wish you. And i am waiting for your beautiful photos,i think i shall love it.:):D Yours Mercury

  4. HI everyone,thank you for your love and your caring..My daughter came today with the girls and her little doggie too we had fun swiming and enjoying the dogs in the water too.. she took photos and will send them to me and then I will post them here.I will take pics of the inside of this great home and her art work too which you will say WOW.. She is a great artist and I am blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy all of it :)Elke it is hot here too high 90s and humid we are suppose to have storms tonight and tomorrow too. :(thank you all again for your caringLoveFatimah

  5. HEyahglad to see that you're in a magical place where you can just be!Just dropping by to say hi and see how y'all doingTake care:)

  6. HI HG,Its always nice to see you here and for me to be in my magical place alone 🙂 the peace has never been better thanks for the shout out.Fatimah

  7. How lucky you are to be able to enjoy this place.The pictures of the dog in the pool were great.Thanks for another couple of fine posts. 😀

  8. HI Dave,wait until tomorrow postI took more photos of a friend outside today ) You will be shocked when you see these great photos I tookthanks for caring and enjoyingFati

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