Photos at the Pool

Here is one of the dogs Sarah is her name .. she loves to swim..

She surveys the area to find the right spot..

She throws her toy in the water and then jumps in to get it.

after she jumps in she swims back to the steps.

More photos to come 🙂 watch for tomorrows post..

with love

16 thoughts on “Photos at the Pool

  1. MOMThat DOG is so clever 🙂 and I love dog too :smile:I hope I can see more photos of DOG :smile:yoursTristan

  2. Fati,I love this post.It's just so light, good for a Friday…….:DThanks for sharing your day in the country. 😀

  3. So I think… the camerawoman is a perfect one! :yes:Hhmmm… how about taking some exercise after swimming…?

  4. hi, Fatimah, the photo when she jumps is the best one. You had to be waiting and not to missthe shot. Nice dogee. Love, Ramute.

  5. HI all,yes this dog is now sitting at the door crying she wants to go swiming and my kids arent here today since we are under severe storm warning I think my little Sarah< dog> is spoiled lol.My daughter bought this camera off ebay and she wanted to test it out and the photos came out so great even the ones of my grand kids which I can't post here she wont allow me to share those photos for reasons of pedifiles on the net (thanks again for all of your comments and caring about my time here in Heaven :))))))Love you all,Fati

  6. Fati,What a nice name you have. I am new to Opera . Hopefullysuccess will come soon with this blog. (meaning I will get better at it) You seem to be expert, I may ask you for advise soon? You blog shares so much love and I will read everyday. 🙂

  7. Hello MateoI am happy to see you here and also I am not an expert but I do welcome new comers to OperaLand and this is why I visit your blog.thank you for your kind words and also I am here if you need me to help in any way.thank you for enjoying and becoming a new reader of my blog..Thanks againFati

  8. Yes she is a cute one… Love the photos you post here…You know, in China we love dogs as well although they have a not that good reputation in terms of Chinese words and expressions relating to dogs. It's totally culture diversity. And sometimes you can see how funny different peoples see the same thing.Anyway, dog is one of human's best friends…

  9. Hello Solomano,thank you for your visit and for your comments, yes I know China loves dogs also I have seen this on the news with the new clothing line that has come out in china for the smaller dogs so cute and so creative.Thank you for stepping out of the shadows and commenting, I hope to hear from you again, we all need to know who our readers are and if they enjoy our efforts.Again thank you :)Fati

  10. Hi Fatimah,Cute dog. Reminds me of that one from the "Frasier" TV show, think his name was Eddie. Glad that you all had fun in the pool :)Regards,Marcus

  11. HI MarcusYes she is like Eddie but smarter I think 🙂 she knows words so I have to spell POOL or Swim since she knows what they mean.I am home now sweating not in central air 😦 oh well next time soon thanks for enjoyingFati

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