A Blessing Sight

Music was a favorite of someone who was dear to me
I hope you enjoy the music as well.

I was sitting here in this wonderful living room when down off the hill came Bambi

I had my camera near me and I took it out and got a few shots of her.

Her Mom isn't around for some reason so she is on her own .

I had to be careful taking these photos I didn't want to scare her off,

however, she had some place to go any way..

I hope you all enjoyed Bambi as much as I did ..

With Love,

12 thoughts on “A Blessing Sight

  1. HI Micky,today I go back to my hot room 😦 and I will miss my little dogs here and also the peace and Gods beauty however, I shall return 🙂 I took photos of the rooms here and her art so I shall post those over the next few days.She is such great artist and crafter, she also does boxes with charm and also fabric for furniture. Gosh so much inside one person :)I am truely blessed with knowing my circle of people 3 houses I clean and now they are endeared to me as I am to them.Oh the paths we walk on are sometimes full of bumps however each bump leads to a paved road and this road leads to Paradise :)thank you for enjoyingFati

  2. You got your deer photos! Brilliant! :hat: :yes: :cheers:I've been waiting ever since you fist told us about Bambi.Hope you're enjoying your housesitting. (Silly question, I know)

  3. Nice photos fatima :)I was scrolling down to see more pictures of that dear but I saw that the dear had gone :(If some other day you find her, please take photos, I like dears very much 🙂

  4. HI PixI shall and also there is a mom with 2 bambies also but I have not seen her yet.I will be back here in a few weeks and will try to get more photos of the deer.thank you for enjoying the photos.Fatimah

  5. Hello Eve,what a nice experience! I know such feelings also: often, when I walk through the forest I can see some deers. I don't know, who is more excited, the deer or I? But always, my camera is not ready for a photo (only one time I was fast enough).It is wonderful, that you are able to take these photos, and that in "your" own parc. :up:LoveElke

  6. wow…What a lovely deer! It's really a wonder creature…Actually,in China deer is much of divine animal,especially spotted deer with antlers. And also antler is one kind of very dear Chinese traditional medicine material. And just because of its rarity, deers are killed by some unlawful hunters! What a bad effect to those lovely deers:( MAY THOSE WONDER CREATURES ARE IN SAFETY FOREVER…

  7. HI all,thank you for enjoying my BLESSINGS .. yes it is rare to see a fawn of this age alone and so close to the house but she comes down each day from what I see and hear and also the mom with 2 babies also however, I have not seen her lately.Solomamo, in USA too they hunt for just the rack to put up on their walls and also they eat the meat which I do enjoy only in meatballs I don't like the taste of the meat it is very strong.Elke I use to go hunting and snow mobiling in the woods and yes that is magical too when they come out and you are so close you can hear them breathe. You are lucky also to be so close to them as I am . Sarah,. Gopal got a PM from IT.. LOL I have yet to fomulate my post for tomorrow but I shall :DGopal YOUR camera woman is always on top of things. always ready and able :DMarcus I love your new avatar its so YOU 🙂 thank you for enjoying my photos too.Love to you all Fati

  8. Hi my Eve!I am just listening to the music of extraordinary beauty. So wonderfully relaxing and romantic. I am passing away and I am dreaming…. it is miraculously. I am thanking you!

  9. Hello my AndreuI am so happy to know my efforts go unwasted and with you around they never do . You always enjoy everything I post .. thank you for being easy to please :)Fati

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