Words I wrote from my soul.


I stand before you asking for the pureness of your love
and the heat of your heart.

Each day I walk with you inside me,
so close I feel your presence surrounding me,comforting me,
protecting me from wrong moves and thoughts.
Your heart has guided me well….

I move with the light you have placed inside my being.
Every move is made with you in mind and soul.

Each thought becomes you, each breath is for you,
every minute of the day is with you now,
forever and beyond.

I have been faithful to you from the time of being delivered
from myself and into the light.

I am yours, only yours,

Take me and lift me higher,
so high I will hear only your voice.

You have lifted me higher…
than I ever thought I could fly.
I love you my Master.
with my words and my heart.

In Light and Love
Fatimah @

23 thoughts on “ASCENSION

  1. This is a repost from January 21, 2006, I wrote this for On'an after being inspired from him.Since this date also I used the Bowing Angel photo as my Photoalso from On'an. It was during this time he was very ill and I wanted him to know how much he did for me since Oct.2005 and how much he meant to me.also in hoping my words would warm his heart and soul and also heal.I have added a voice file with Enya music placed behind my voice from a dear friend .I hope you all will enjoy hearing this file and feeling the dedication I heldfor On'an,With each word you can feel my heart, with each word you can feel my soul.I only wonder why On'an can not? Love to all,Fati

  2. Hmhhm… didn't know that your heart is golden… otherwise I would use a golden heart instead of a red one. :heart: 🙂

  3. hey, I went to Tristan's blog and I he had a link to this on there, well I have finally go to listen………I have a lot of catching up to do. Songs and so on……..I am glad that he is doing better. 🙂 Love,Sarah

  4. by the way, hearing your voice on the song made me feel so calm and protected, no wonder you are loved by so many!!! (when I was feeling down, I heard this and listened to it over and over again, it helped.)Love you to as well I hope you are doing good.Sarah

  5. HI Sarah,I am really happy my voice helped you 🙂 thank you for your feed back on this file.I hope you keep it and hear me when you need to feel calm I will be there for youalways . Thank you again Love youFati

  6. Good afternooon MOM and SisterIt helped me so much too :heart: when i was in hospital I heard it many times . Each time hearing i felt better, stronger stronger…Thank you MOM againI love you MOM and Sister

  7. HI son,Thank you for chosing my blog to warm your heart.. the love you feel is real and was given to some and I guess their hearts are DEAD so they don't feel whatothers do thank you for being one that FEELS MY LOVELove youMom

  8. Good morning MOM,Someone usually say that i am an amorous person;) No, i am not. yes, i fell in love with some girls but it's not the same time. I don't have a conception like that.MOM, please give me your idea about that.Thank you so muchI love you tooSon

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