I have been a good dear friend to On'an since I have met him
and we shared many hours and days and nights exchanging our hearts and souls.

On'an has told me many times his blog was dedicated to ME and if you notice IT was.

When he fell sick I told my SCOUT who goes to church
and she had her church add him to their prayers..

I pray 5 times a day and all was for him and my friends..
He was missing for 3 months and during this time I stayed faithful to him
as a friend, praying for him
and asking GOD to take MY LIFE to give him back his life..

IS this something this WITCH would do for him ? NO IT IS NOT!!!!

ON'AN has told me many times that he is dying and he will be spending time with his family and I understand this completely and only wish the best for him and his family.. SO I THOUGHT !!!

I have been involved with ON'AN not as a lover however as one who is connected to him spiriturally..
I don't have this connection with just anyone and after all him and I meant to each other he treats my heart with filth from his mouth
and also this WITCH who must be giving his EGO a whole lot of stroking since I no longer will…

This WITCH started to spam my blog with stupid videos and music I deleted her posts and of course all she would say is ENJOY.. .

How dare someone I DON"T Know to keep putting stupid things on my blog??? I don't know her or want to know her then I go see On'ans blog and she did the same to his.

On'an was absent from the net SO I THOUGHT.. I was only trying to protect his blog from being spammed and added junk to his beautiful blog.. SO I THOUGHT !!!

When he got out of his DEATH BED TO DEFEND THIS WITCH FROM MY PROTECTING WORDS ON HIS BLOG.. I delted my message to her telling her our blogs are not for her spamming or adding videos to or music… I figured he can handle his own blog now that he is out of his death bed. SO I THOUGHT…

Here is the blog where it all started
and ended and you can see my words to him and HER..
The two of them must have been carrying on
while my friends and family and myself have been praying for his recovery and life..

Onan blog

As I said to him in his blog..
I do hope the two of them will be happy and I also know they both will BURN IN HELL..

I have lost nothing .. I have gained one less person to pray for and one less person to care about so you see my friends..


I have gained FREEDOM !

In love and light

13 thoughts on “MY EXPLAINATION !

  1. I also forgot to add that I sent him many cds of music MY MUSIC to which he is probably sending to the WITCH and she is thinking its HIS MUSIC LOL Little does she know ITS ALL MINE… many many files of music for his enjoyment and On'an even told me how many hours he spent listening to MY MUSIC .. LOL the joke is on the WITCH 😀 Thanks for reading and listening I am done all DONE ! Fatimah

  2. this is what he posted on the WITCHS page about myself and SARAHAutomatic translation to english:Already forget it. Your "sin" was to write in my blog Erato… that, apparently, it was "property" of Zenya. Zenya saw its territory invaded by another female (yes, this is pathetic, but it is the true)… and of there the unjustified attack that you have suffered comes. Sarah is the dog of company of Zenya and she continue him the game. But none of the 2 is right. Don't insist more for other blogs and forget. Only people damaged by this matter are them, because the irrationality of the zenya attack and Sarah's attitude say anything good of these two popular women. A greeting. :)By 0nan, # 30. July 2006, 03:04:18this is what dedication and caring for one gets !!! NO MORE GOD will deal with him in his time.. HE to me is Satan and the WITCH CAN Enjoy the rath of God too both in the HELL FIRES.Fatimah

  3. Fati,To gather facts and understand is knowledge. You have my full support.Now we can go forward.Warmest, brightest future. 😀

  4. HI Dave,thank you for understanding and it was your words to me from the other day that keeps me grounded :)thank you for your support and your wonderful friendship.Always your friendFati

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