Tristan Needs Our Prayers

This is from my Son .. Tristans page .. I am crying now since I did not know he was this sick again
and I haven't any way to get in touch with him
only to pray for him now.

I am asking any one who reads this blog to please keep him in your prayers and heart, he is the most giving young man I have ever known and deserves so much more than he has right now and GOOD HEALTH IS what I have been praying for .

Thank you with Love

All things before I leave to come hospital

Monday, 31. July 2006, 09:09:19

before I leave

The first word I want to say thank OPERA so much so much so much then I thank Gopal his blog a lot and Thanks to all my friends on OPERA and MOM …

A casual meeting between Gopal and I has leaded me to my light way. First Gopal wrote commenting in one of my posts and to be moved and fired by Gopal’s words I have visited his blog … God leaded me visited Zenya’blog “Thank GOD “ and “My light was here “ I uttered

After I read almost her posts I could understand her a part and I loved her more . We have talked so so much so We understood and sympathized each other and I loved her so much and she did too and now we still maintain friendly relations each other. It is not only good but also deeper and on nice night I have called her as MOM . Since that time I called her MOM and she called me SON and we opened our hearts to confide in each other . The more we exchanged our hearts the more we were familiar and it is forever and beyond so I think now

But I am not well now and have few problems with my health so I want to write something before I will be in hospital to cure. Last time I have cured and I thought I recovered from my health completely but not . If I am lucky I will be and… please look up on my banner… I will struggle with my illness. I will comeback soon I hope so and always hope…

I want to write more but I can not because my eyes and brain were hurt so much I can not see anything clearly

Gopal Thank you again for all things and I am sorry I haven’t done anything to give you yet. I hope I will be and I will do something to give you to thank.

Mercury Thank you too . Though we just met each other but you are so kind person with great heart. Mercury'blog
MOM do you know? I love you so much and you are my blood and breath…I was alone here and only you MOM you were next me and will be next me forever…….
………….I will comeback soon

please pray for me I always miss you All love to you

WAVE – Author Xuan Quynh – Translated by Tran Van Diem other name Tristan


7 thoughts on “Tristan Needs Our Prayers

  1. He'll be back with you soon as he is a good person. So, don't worry just keep praying for your son. He'll be all well soon! 🙂

  2. I will be praying as well. I am sorry that he is going through this. 😦 Very sad, knowing his full story and so on. xoxox:heart:Sarah

  3. Hi Sarah and Gopal, I know the power of prayer and if all prays for him then he will be fine.thank you for your prayers and caringLoveFati

  4. HI Sarah,I do hope so this young man has had enough pain in his short life time.Thank you for praying for him too.Love Fati

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