Where You Are

One of my favorite groups
October Project:

October Project – Where You Are

(Julie Flanders/Emil Adler/David Sabatino)

Floating in the summer sunshine
We are flying
We are blue
Falling like a summer raindrop
Like a teardrop
Like the dew

Nothing but a blue horizon

All around us like a glove

Feeling it go on forever

Far below us

Far above

Where you are
Do you know I think of you
Where you are
Do you know
I hope you do

Shining like a summer rainbow

We are colors

We are bright

Vanishing into the sunshine

Like a river made of light

Floating in a summer memory
I can see you in my mind
Know it goes on forever
Far beyond us
Far behind

Falling in a summer daydream

I remember what I knew

Nothing that I can't hold on to

Or return to

Even you

With Love,

7 thoughts on “Where You Are

  1. This was posted in a previous PostTonight I recieved an email from one of the noted lyricist if October Project, and they proceeded to state how much they enjoyed my blog and this post of their lyrics.I was so taken by this email I had to REPOST this post as its stood back then.I am honored to know this person whom wrote these lyrics is reading my blog.Thank you for this privilege and honor to repost it for you again .I hope you will continue to create lryics with such deep meanings and inspirations.With Love,Fatimah

  2. wow this is awesome!!! I bet you felt so good to hear from her again. 🙂 Big hugs to you, and congrats. This is cool.xoxoxoSarah

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