August 26th

Journey To Shambala

In this post I Will Remember you
I wrote about my first son being born
and my #3 daughter loving him so much.

Today, this son turns 30,
the same baby that loved me more than the air he breathed.
the same son that held me so high on a pedetal
and never gave me one drop of pain until 2001,
when I decided to do something for my life .

It's been 5 years since I heard from him or seen him,
and yet each day I remember this little boy who now is a man.
I pray for him to gain his senses and return to his family .

This photo was from his high school prom night.
I cut out the girl he was with in the photo
that's why it's oddly shaped.


May you complete your journey and return to your family .

With love

16 thoughts on “August 26th

  1. I forgot I did hear from him, he sent me a medical paper for me to fill outfor his university and said, I hope you are in goodhealth and please fill this out and mail it back to them.Thank you This was the only words from him in 5 years or longer..

  2. Happy birthday Vinny :)Fatima, I pray to God from the bottom of my heart that he come back to family soon. No one can feel what a mother feels about her children. You love him so much and we all wish that he should understand your feelings and return to home.He is looking smart in the photo. Good boy.With best wishes.Sadaf

  3. Hi Fatimah,You know my mother has stated the same thing about her sons, that they leave home and then you never hear from them again. 😦 Of coarse this isnot true with every man….Happy birthday to him, (and you deserve a rose for birthing him) I hope that he is well as well as you. 🙂 :heart:Sarah

  4. HI Sarah,yes I know some men leave and still keep intouch however this one not.It's ok he will have to answer to God for his actions too.Thank you for reading and sharing LoveFati

  5. Hi Fati,My wife's brother has left the family's house a few year ago… I don't know why. So I can understand what's the feelings are for a mother.A mother will stay a mother as long as she could… and I know that it is for ever !You must believe… and keep on praying for him to come back as you do.You know I'm sure he often think about you and his family… and he certainly smile thinking about some days he spent with all of you !I'm sure that day he will understand where his place is!:bye:Your Friend.P.

  6. Hello Eve,that must be very sad for you. Do you have a chance to contact him? Write him a letter or e-mail with your best wishes and a few lovely words.Maybe (I hope for that) one day he will understand you.Elke

  7. It's heartbreaking when one of the children leaves home. My brother did this to my mother and me. But after many years his family broke up and he returned to our mom.I hope, that your son would join your family. And I am sure he is thinking of you, especially on a birthday like this. Love, Ramute.:)

  8. MOMin this morning i left hospital and I am going to reply all you on my post but i am being here.I want see all you :)when I was in hospistal I have worried and afraid many things. and now i am here I am so happy now and just did come to online. Thank you MOM and you Dave, Sarah, Mercury, Gopal. I am so happy to have all you in my life and thanks a lot for your prayers and your sentiment and all.MOM, i do understand your heart, your soul and your emotion now… I am sorry i can not do anything for you . i only wish you best things and i hope he will comeback his family soon. i hope so…and happy birthday to him ! I can not write more, I am not well now .I have not recovered from my health yet. When i feel better i will write more on your blog and others…please forgive to all you and big hugsyoursTristan

  9. Hi Wangli,Thank you for your comforting words and sharing your heart with me always. You are truely a friend.I know deep inside him there is that love he once held for mebut the space between is the hard part.Thank you Wangli for your caring :heart:Fatimah

  10. Hi,FatimahFirst,Let me congratulate the son you best love on his birthday.Best wishes to him.I think you are a great mother.How deeply you love and care him.I think he should understand the feeling of him mother,because I'm also the son of my mother and I love her very much.I understand what a son's thought.He miss his mother everyday,though he don't write to you.He love your in the bottom of his heart.I will tell him to let you know with some ways how much he love you.:heart:Wangli

  11. Such a bittersweet story. It's quite sad that you have not seen your precious son in 5 years, I pray that it will not be another 5 years for you two to reconcile. 😦

  12. Hi Jen,thank you for your caring and prayers this is all we can do for anyone who is stuck in thier minds and hearts.I know God has his reasons why and I won't question his ways.. I only praythe pain goes away and my mind gets freed.Thank you Jen for sharingFatimah

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