I received this in a comment on my blog today from some woman I don't know .

I don't know why she is writing to me and NOT ONAN..
He is the one that used her work and I only used it after he did ..

I guess since I am popular and she is trying to promote her site
she is using me to do so . well I am not going to use her links she gave me and I am saying now in public

Then she proceeded to post in my other blog posts useing her links to her site like spamming ..


I have added her name to the post I did and gave her credit for writing it
this should satisfy her copyrights
and maybe now she will learn there are other ways to approach a situation.

these are her words ……………………………………………….

The poem "I will return "posted by Onan is my and is in my web page and It is in my book from many years. I have a copyright …here is the link of my web page, where is my erotic poem

and here is one of many place in the internet where my poem is, but over there and ask me for my permition and the give my credit for it.
Please take out the poem or add my webpage and my name.

Por favor sacar el poema "Volvere" el cual es de mi autoria con derechos reservados…o poner mi nombre y mi pagina explicando que es copyright y pertenece a mi libro publicado hace muchos años.
la direccion de mi sitio es:

es muy deshonesto, apropiarse de los poemas de otras personas


18 thoughts on “WHY ME???

  1. Please note I removed her links to her site..all she had to do was ask me nicely to add her name however she was rude and should have addressed this to Onan not myself.Fatimah

  2. Yes fatima, we also can feel how rude she asked you to do that. And I agree with you, she is trying to take advantage of your popularity by doing all this.What I can suggest you is that don't do anything to her, dont reply her… let the dog bark :DYou don't get upset. :)Hugssadaf

  3. I don't agree with what this lady did either. It is like, get a freakin' clue already!! I hope you get this all straight so that you can put it behind you. :):heart:

  4. Thank you for your comments here On'an however, i am not getting in the middle of this debate who wrote what and her site is in spanish and I don't have the time to translate it.I blocked her anyway to banish her rudeness I don't need it I have enough rude people to deal with daily I don't need another one ..Thank you for your comment Sadaf and your support.Fatimah

  5. OMg what a Bad woman is she.. She's Just jealous.. Let her talk.. She talks soo wrong.. not like a real lady.. Shes really lost her mind.. sorry i 'm not good in English :d But we like Your blog more than Hersss :d:heart:

  6. Thank you for all your comments and your support. she wont bother me againsince I blocked her.thank you for enjoying my blog always LoveFati

  7. My dear, what goes around, comes around.People like that will get theirs, sooner or later.Good people sometimes "draw" these wierdos. Why, beats the heck out of me.:D

  8. "I would rather be a magnet for money than NUTS" This is one profound statement!A quote that may be used by future generations. 😀

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