Photos That Speak



The Power of visions…


The Power within…


The Power to face your fears…


The Power to share…

I was visiting a new friends

photo album
and he shared this link with me.

Please visit this site for more magic
magical photos..

With Love,

19 thoughts on “Photos That Speak

  1. The images you use in your posts are always excellent.The THIRD and FOURTH image in this post really inspired me alot. The third image is showing how big your fears and problems can be but you have to be strong and face them.Really impressive post for me :)Good job :up:Hugssadaf

  2. HI Sadaf,thank you too for seeing behind my words as I said I was inspired.Yes, you are right about the 3 and 4th.. I felt the boy looking up has so muchto fear and yet I know he will walk up those stairs. :)Love photo speaks volumes without words..thank you for always feeling my heart .LoveFatimah

  3. HI Davethanks again I saw these photos and they did inspire me to post them.. It's not every day you find photos of this class and you know me .. I love sharing and spreading my imagination..Thanks again:)Fati

  4. Hi,FatimahIt is alwags cheerful and helpeful to chat with you in real time.thanks for sharing so much with me.This post make me recall a film-King Kong,which I have saw.It tell about the beauty and the beast.They are similar in some degree.:):heart:Wangli

  5. HI WangliI enjoy chatting in realtime with you also always makes my day fullof sunshine :)I do understand the concept of beauty and the beast it is very magical to say the least.thank you for allowing me to share.:heart:Fatimah

  6. HI Present Day,thank you for enjoying and your comment:)HI D,Nice to see you here again thank you for feeling my postand you also have a great weekend .. maybe you will find something to post about????? :)))))Fatimah

  7. Hi, Fatimah, Perhaps never have I seen such a harmony in photos and such grace and truth. These photos are spiritual to me. Thank you for sharing with everybody. Love, Ramute.:)

  8. Hi fatima, I just downloaded the music file from this post. It is a very soft music. I like it :)Sorry, I didn't downoload it first.. I just saw images and got inspired from them 😀

  9. HI Sadaf,Most of my files have music it's always the first link so you can have them all :)thanks for enjoying the music and the photos again.LoveFatimah

  10. HI Sarah,When you have time check out the web site its' really great too.thanks for enjoying nice to see you here again too 🙂 LoveFati

  11. Hi Eve!Now I'm listening this melody and watching slides. This is fantastic!! The beautifull photos and….melody. Very good……..

  12. yes that is so true if ONE CARES TO LISTEN.. this is the key.I loved these photos and they really did move me Thank you for catching up on my blog 🙂

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