Peaceful Reflections

Fairy by Moonlight

This week I had new stores to service
and seeing once more managers I knew from many years ago.

It's so great they remembered me and I remembered them and we had laughs over the work I was doing in those years and all the problems we both faced with that work .

In one week I opened the door to 3 differnt people of whom I knew well over 10 years ago and they opened their minds to me. I am honored to be remembered in good faith and to be welcomed again with smiles and trust.
This I value so much is the trust the people hold for my judgement
in placing orders with their company money.

I feel so much peace and this feeling I am sharing with you now,
as I am back in the house I call….


In Light and Love,


12 thoughts on “Peaceful Reflections

  1. Hi Li,Nice to see you again finally :)Yes trust between people to me is more valuable than money. I think you knew this about me already :):heart:Fatimah

  2. Hi,FatimahThanks for your another beautiful post.The trust between people is always important and necessary for every one.Congratulate to you,you not only had a good work but also got the trust from your friends.Thank you for sharing this feeling with us.:heart:Li Wang

  3. Hi again :)You are welcome I was so happy to see you did another poem :)I love your poetry and your files are so magical I do hopethe space between them are shorter :)thank you for your visit here alsoFatimah

  4. Hey, my dear:DIt goes to show what wonderful marks, you left, a decade ago.Very reasuring to know that you were a wonderful person then as well as now.It's nice to walk back over the bridge and see smiles on the faces encountered.:DCongratulations!

  5. Hi Fatimah,Whenever you go, you leave love. And when you go again, your own love salutes you as those people with whom you worked. Thank you for reminding this wonderful circle called life. Love, Ramute:)

  6. HI Dave,thank you for your sweet words they mean so much to me. Yes,, it is wonderful to see smiles from people from long ago and feeling welcomed.:)Fatimah

  7. HI Ramute,I really love your words and they are so true,,I am happy I have these stores once again and to feelthe welcome from those I knew. Your words are very caring thank you for sharingand reminding us all that love begets love.LoveFatimah

  8. Hi!Eve – i read your text. It's……..full of "depths" of both the lyricism and the nostalgia. Full of the calmness and the confidence….. and loves.

  9. HI Andreu,I asked you this due to you always hearing the music and dreamingand sometimes maybe not reading.:)thank you for feeling all of the emotions I wanted to express.Fatimah

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