Autumn in Connecticut

I finally took sometime to take new photos
and I placed them in my album,

I hope you all will enjoy seeing where I live and what I see each day.

This photo is my favorite out of them all..

Please ignore the date, I had to change batteries and I did not reset the proper date..

They were taken October 6th 2006
With love


17 thoughts on “Autumn in Connecticut

  1. My bussiness name is Country Road Distributors so I guess this is why I leantowards this photo since it's a COUNTRY ROAD 🙂 Thank you for viewing,LoveFati

  2. MOM,The road? What is waiting for you at the end of road? I think that is happiness.Plz do look at the hill where lifts you higher:heart:Thank you for sharing with us. It is so beautiful and romantic. And I think after each time you do see it will vivify you more.Love MOMTristan

  3. Hi,FatimahIt's a beautiful photo of the autumn season in your hometown.I like it very much.The tree in the photo is colorful.Thank you for sharing the photo about your hometown and your country,which i look forward to.:heart:Li Wang

  4. HI Li,When I took these photos I was smiling knowing how we talked about my area and seen it on the map and the lake also.. How much I wanted you to see what I see as you shown me what you see at your school. More to come 🙂 I promise:heart:Fatimah

  5. HI Louis,thank you for viewing and enjoying my photos for a change 🙂 however, they don't compare to yours .. I changed the settings on my camerato BEST and no more DATE .. that really ruins the photo.Fatimah

  6. HI Dudleywhats APN??? I love taking photos I just hate driving around alone and doing them 😦 Thanks for your kind words and viewing Fatimah

  7. That is the last attempt of summer to hold on to green. Yelow, orange colours wait us in all their beauty. Thanks for sharing.Love and hugs.Ramute.:)

  8. HI Ramute,Yes this weekend is the last hold to summer 😦 and then the leaves falland we turn into FALL.Thank you for viewingLoveFatimah

  9. HI Andreu,yes this year we are having a wonderful Autumn the trees are like an oilpainting and so beautiful. I have been having fun driving around taking photosand enjoying the out of doors :)Fatimah

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