From The Hearts of Children Part 1

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I have always loved speaking with young children as
their hearts are so pure and their minds untouched.

I use to work with preschool children as a social worker and made home
visits to their homes and families and became a very important part
of their lives..

I have learned so much from the young ones and I feel posting these letters
from them which my scout sent me to share,
I feel you will also learn from their hearts.

Posted with so much love,
Fatimah [/SIZE][/COLOR]


16 thoughts on “From The Hearts of Children Part 1

  1. OHHH I almost shed a tear, that was soooo sweet. :love: Children are so precious and I want to thank you for reminding me of this all the time. 🙂 It really has helped me a lot, more than you know.

    love you mom,

  2. Hi,FatimahThe last second is meaningful.Everyone in the earth is ordinary,because we are not god.Even we are,we could face difficulty,like the boy says.But I just hope more poeple happy and do my best.:heart:Li Wang

  3. Hi FatimahI am sorry for my absence, sometimes I don't know where my head is!This is such a cute post, it really made me laugh. Children can be so insightful because they just see things and say things without over-analysing everything (although I am sure that comes later).My personal favourite is the puppy one.Thanks for brightening up my day :)Love, JCL.

  4. HI Li,I thought you would enjoy this being a teacher and I know how much you loveyour students and they too love you.Chilren are precious resources and only the adults can learn from them.thank you for enjoying and sharing with your heart.:heart:Fatimah

  5. HI Sarah,I posted this with hoping you would feel the preciousness of the minds of childrenand even thou they fight and drive you nuts .. they are your blood and souland you are so blessed to have all of this inside your life.Love to you my Sweet SarahMom Fati

  6. HI JCL.Yes it's hard to keep reading blogs however, I only read my most favorite onesI can't read them all 😦 I wish I could.I too loved the puppy one wait for part 2 tomorrow they are so funny also.I will post them .. thank you for viewing and I hope you see the 2 partLoveFati

  7. Oh Zenya, I love you. The one which reads " dear God, I think about you sometimes even when I am not praying" takes the cake. So pure and flowing….Oh children, so much to learn from them !!!!. That's why as a Professor ( Guru or Acharya, as known in India… more later on the difference between the two) I had always felt that the Western way of thinking about children ( like David Ruben's "transactional analysis" or the dear dear benjamin Spock, a must read of every expectant mother) is a bit warped. We cannot crudify Nature. Every one of the Children's post you have laid out is a GEM. Thanks.Regards or should it be Love ) – At this moment I feel Respect will be closer to what I feel.RKK

  8. HI RKK,again you are so right about the hearts of the child.. Dr Spock was a man ahead of his time and all women loved him.I enjoyed that childs letter also.. so pure and sincere.. I hope we all think of God outside of prayers.Thank you for your honor RKK..I too am honored with your presence.Fatimah

  9. Hi Fatimah,"Out of the mouths of babes…." This is a cute and funny post 🙂 Of course I can't remember what I wished for at that age :lol:Thanks for sharing this post with us :up:Marcus

  10. HI Ramute,Thanks for finding it I had a feeling it was on this posthowever, not sure since you do comment to all of mine :)Thank you again and thank you for being full of caringand LIGHT :)LoveFatimah

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