From The Hearts of Children Part 2

Here are the last of the letters from the hearts of
children.. I hope you enjoy this group as much.

With Love,



8 thoughts on “From The Hearts of Children Part 2

  1. In the second one, seeing how open and honest she is with God should be an example to all of us adults. If we don't like someone, it is okay…. It says that we should be as children when loving God….perfect example…..another great post…thanks Fati. :)Sarah

  2. Hi Fatimah, My goodness, how sincere are those writings…I agree with Sarah that loving God we have to be as children.Thank you.Love, Ramute.:)

  3. Hi fatima,I really like them alot. We can see how innocent children really are :)I like the letter most which has "Edison made light…"Both your postings with letters are excellent. Very cute and innocent writings.Thank you for sharing such a wonderful collection. It is really remarkable.sadaf

  4. HI Sadaf,yes the one speaking about Edison is funny and this child sounded confused :)Thank you for taking the time to read my page and enjoy it as well.LoveFati

  5. HI Sarah,Yes in our hearts we should love God as a child, pure and innocent and allowing him to guide us not us telling him .There are so much we can learn from children if only we opened our minds to this fact.Thank you for sharing Sarah and seeing the point of these letters.Sharing is caring :)LoveFati

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