Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Theres a place in my heart
that I visit so often
One look in your eyes takes me there.
as we walk HEAVENS hill in the magic of twilight,
holding your hand holding mine..
takes me there.

and to think I never knew of your secret garden.
and to think I never knew of your secret place
may I walk there a while there with you my love
into the garden medow of your secret heart
as your love carries me there.



13 thoughts on “Secret Garden

  1. I took new photos of the Heavens Fall yard you may view them in my photo albumand see the beautiful views I am fortunate enough to enjoy 🙂

  2. HI Ramute,I agree with you .. it's so precious there and the sound of the falls is amazing it recently rained before I took those photos so the falls were running fast and loud 🙂 LoveFatimah

  3. Hi Fatimah,Very nice poem that goes along great with the beautiful pic and music. It does look like a Heaven right here on Earth:)Marcus

  4. Hi,Fatimahit's a really beautiful place everyone wants to live in there.i hope there is a chance for me to visit there and feel the beautiful falling water.thank you for sharing with us.:heart:Li Wang

  5. Hi Li,I live for the day you see and feel this magical place with meand breathe at the same time the air.This place was meant to be loved.:heart:Fatimah

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