The Sky at Night


This poem was written by my son
Nicholas when he was very young.

Today he goes to court
to find the outcome of the
rest of his life. 😦

I recently found out he was in jail for some drug charges
which they won't tell me due to my son being an adult
and has not added me to his case.

Please pray for him so he will make the right decisions
for the rest of his life.


The Sky at Night..
by Nicholas C.

The stars all a glitter
and the kids in a jitter.

The Moon very full and bright
and that would be a sight.

I look out my window and what do I see?
I see the moon and stars having a party .

No funny hats or crazy balloons
just the shine of the stars and the moon.

@Nicholas C.

Posted with HOPE AND LOVE
for my son who needs our prayers today

Love you Nick

18 thoughts on “The Sky at Night

  1. HI Ramute,I just found out after not hearing from him on my birthday I did some searching with the help of Sarah and we located him and I got to speak with a woman who gave me alot of informationand told me his court date of Oct. 16th. I pray he does the right thing and won't continue to be in trouble.Thank you for your prayersLoveFatimah

  2. Hi Fatimah,Nice poem and sorry to hear about your son's situation. I'm praying that he learns from this and decides to follows a positive path from now on :up:Marcus

  3. turkey, ahem! sorry, have to control myself……The poem was wonderful……… My favorite line,

    No funny hats or crazy balloonsjust the shine of the stars and the moon.

    That is awesome, so simply said but powerful.:heart:

  4. Dear, My deep felt prayers are with you and your son Nicholas. I sincerely doubt that a boy who could write such profound lines reading " kids in a jitter and that stars do not need baloons' should need to go the drug-way. If so, the fault would not have been HIS but his perrs and guides. In law, there is something known as " right in rem" – ie the pangs of a heart which feels slighted and deceived is allowed to fault the very mother Earth which had borne him in the first place as he descended from the safety of the womb…" has a right to sue "earth itself" as against a suit in 'personam"…. I had always believed that Law is closer to the heart than brain- in its roots. Mebbe I will follow up with another mail later.OhmRgdsRKK

  5. HI RKK,Nick has a disorder called ADD .. Attention Deficit Disorder and his thinking has been wrong from the time he was very younghowever ADD was not well known until he started to show very badtendancies and by the time he was dianosised with it he was 16 and the law states this young man did not have to take meds if he chose not to and he chose NOT TO 😦 He still does not take medication to slow his mind down and to be able to think in a normal mode. I have tried to explain this to his probation officer however, they don't want to deal with me since I haven't any rights.Thank you for your wonderful words and your comments always.Fatimah to you Zenya 🙂

  6. HI Sarah,GOBBLE GOBBLE LMAO 🙂 I can't stop LOL too :DThank you for reading Nicks poem and you know how this story went thank you for your love and help in all my efforts.Love youFati

  7. HI Dave,Thank you for your wishes I don't know what happened since I am not involved and only 1 of my daughters are and we had an arguementon the weeekend so I will hear it thru the grapevine :(Fati

  8. MOM,I am sorry to hear this news;) I was very busy few days ago so I couldn't do come online usually;)MOM, I always believe in NICHOLAS-my brother and the same you do:) And his works what he did right all things and perhaps they have got wrong.I think so.I pray for NICHOLAS, your family and you everyday.Wish best things to NICHOLAS:heart:Love and miss you,MOM:love:sonTristan

  9. Hi Tristan,So great to hear from you again and to know you are ok.Thank you for your prayers and your wishes. The power of prayer is very strong so maybe it will be youMom

  10. HI Shashi,thank you for your prayers, I am praying for the same,he is his own worse friend.The mind is also the villianthank you Fati

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