Die Another Day

The Long Journey

Part of my work is driving and trying to find shortcuts from
one location to the other is sometimes tricky however,
once I travel the new road it does save time.

Wednesday was one of those days I had to find a shortcut.
I asked and was told to drive the road over the mountains.
A road I have not been on before.

I followed the directions I was told however, I was not
told how dangerous it was only there were deer along the drive.

I did not see any signs says SHARP CURVE… AHEAD!!!
I also didn't see any signs saying DEAD END…. WALL!!!!

Thank God I have new brakes as they prevented me from
crashing into the dead end wall.

After I recoved from burning rubber to stop and turning the
car so I would not hit the wall. I continued my drive.

The mountain road was one of the most beautiful roads I have
traveled on in New York State,
and the most beautiful views I have seen yet.

Well worth the shortcut and having Gods protection.

I guess I will die another day….


14 thoughts on “Die Another Day

  1. Hi,FatimahThe mountain you took is very beautiful and colorful.The leaves of the tree and clouds paint a beautiful picture.And all this are from your aesthetic eyes.Thank you for sharing with us.:heart:Li Wang

  2. I have had a few near-accidents in my time.These are what it took to teach me to always maintain brakes and tires, also not to be speeding.I saw these events as warnings. I am happy to know you are safe and sound as well.

  3. The short cut is not always the fastest route but it is most always the more interesting. :DI'm glad you keep your vehicle maintained so that we may have you here once again and always.Beautiful Countryside. 😀

  4. Hi Fatimah. Thank God your ride ended safely.Your feeling of nature excites me. Everything turns on sacred in your photos. Love, Ramute.:)

  5. GEEZ!!!!!! I am so glad that you are okay! I wonder what freakin' genious told you the directions???? One of the new people?? oohhhhhh I am mad that happened, and sad. 😦 Talk to you later

  6. HI Allan,I see them as signs also , now I know my brakes won't lock up :)I also know now the mountain road is dangerous at that point and I do always pay attention I am sure there was not any signs :(Thanks for your caringFatimah

  7. HI Dave,My car is where my money goes, no car no work.. I have always put my money into the car first before anything else since my life depends on it.Thank you for your wonderful words and I am happy to be able to come homeeach day and see my friends words waiting for me :DFatimah

  8. HI Li,If you remember I said I would take photos for you so you willsee where I travel for work and then you can keep these photosin your memory as I work :)I love sharing .. but everyone knows that .:heart:Fatimah

  9. HI Lee,God is with me all the time.. once a while ago I saw a car coming towards me and I frooze and said OH GOD.. and at that time my steeringwheel turned and the guy hit from front drivers tire not my door and I wasn't hurt where as if I didnt turn the car he would have hit my door and I would have been very hurt.So God guides me always.Thank you for your comments Fatimah

  10. HI Sarah,The new guy at DD only told me about deer not a horrible sharp turn.. next monthI will go back and tell him he should have told me about the turn.. :(Thank you for caring Sarah, I know how much I mean to youas you do to me.Love youFati

  11. HI Ramute,Thank you for your caring also, It give me such joy to come home and knowI have friends who care about me and I look forward to see also.I saw some great views today however there really wasn't any place to stop to take photos and I really wanted to get the views I saw today they were so far the bestyet in the colors and the wide views.Thank you Ramute always.loveFatimah

  12. Hi Fatimah,:yikes:Thanks for sharing your hair-raising story and the pretty pics and music. That guy should've warned you! Holy cow, I would've been so mad that I probably would have wanted to return to find that guy and wring his neck :eyes: Thank God that you were not seriously injured or killed at that horrible turn :up:Thanks for sharing with us.Marcus

  13. HI Marcus,I guess the guy forgot about the curve he did tell me about deer which I did not seeI am just so happy my brakes words and they didn't lock up.Thank you for reading and caring.Fatimah

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