For Sale…..

How much would you pay for this cat?

I find this cat to be PRICELESS…

Don't you agree?

If animals can cross boundaries and get along,
I don't know why we humans won't.



13 thoughts on “For Sale…..

  1. hi Farima,Yes, this cat is priceless. But the rat is also cute, she doesn't fear the cat. I have at home both: two cats and to rats. One cat is very curiuos, when I feed rats and always comes to watch. Love, Ramute.:)

  2. This cat for sale? Never I would do that!You are very right: it's priceless.Such a lovely and cute photo story for the weekend. Thank you for that!

  3. HI Ramute,Wow I didn't know you had a rat too this is cool,so maybe your cat would be like this one? :)Thanks for sharing your cute story with usLoveFatimah

  4. Hi Fatimah,Awwwww, those are some cute pics 😀 And I agree that we humans can & should get along. We just need to make it happen :yes:Thanks for sharing :up:Marcus

  5. HI All,Thanks for enjoying the kitty and seeing my point in this post,.Humans can learn a lot from the animal world don't you think? thanks for enjoyingFatimah

  6. HI Neonice to see you here again 🙂 I am very happy you do understand what I mean, I too learn everyday Thank you for commenting and being here Fatimah

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