Return to Heaven House


Today I return back to Heaven House for 2 weeks.
It seems I am staying there at least 1 or 2 times a month.
I am not complaining since I love it there, it's just hard
on my body all the packing and lifting then unpacking.

I also started a new house cleaning job right up the hill from
the Heaven House and this ladys house over looks the waterfalls
I can hear them rushing from her windows and infact I took
photos with my phone yesterday when I was done cleaning
I will email them today to myself and I hope they came out ok.
I will post them if they are good 🙂

Today I am also starting a weekend job which I will write about
on Sunday and show you what product I will be selling.
It's going to be fun I HOPE and I will have more interaction
with people than I have in my regular work .

Wish me luck and the power to do it all, I have been
sick for a week now and my energy is very low.



8 thoughts on “Return to Heaven House

  1. HI Louis,You are sick too? Wow. I think it's the weather changing so often.I am taking new antibotics and they seem to be helping.Feel better soon, and I had a BALL today in the new jobI think this is just want I NEED :DFatimah

  2. Dear Fatimah, I wish you to do everything successfuly, and wish you more energy to flow in you from the beauty that surrounds you. Love, Ramute.:)

  3. WOW… what a wonderful place.I am feeling myself standing in a heaven… You're right fatima, its really a heaven house. Wonderful. You are so lucky to have house at such a wonderful place.Do you have this picture in a big size? I want to keep it as my wallpaper on desktop.GET WELL SOON :)sadaf

  4. HI Sadaf,I only have the size of what you see I guess? not surethank you for loving this place also it's heaven for real on earth as close as I will feel it.Nice to see you here againLoveFatimah Happy EID

  5. HI Ramute,I know you really do wish all goodness for me and your sincere heartreally means the world to me. thank you for all your friendship and loveLove to youFatimah

  6. Happy Eid to you too :)We have EID here day after tomorrow. I think in USA today is EID.WISHING YOU A VERY WONDERFUL EID 🙂

  7. HI Sadaf,I have no idea when it is or celebrate it .I just work not connected to any Muslims here in USAso I have no clue.Wishing you much happiness.LoveFatimah

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