This music is about


I have always held dreams inside my heart however,
I no longer do, it seems
when a dream involves more than one own self,

they become like this photo..





12 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Hi Fatimah,every morning I write down my dreams. I have been doing this about a year. I analizethem in K. Jung manner. My night experiences have changed, and while sleeping I havesolved several problems or found a way which I could't do consciously. Dreams are apath to heart and soul. Love, Ramute.:)

  2. I love the music. Don't ever give up on your dreams. It is what keeps the soul alive and happy. What can I say? I wish I could just give you a hug. :heart: :love: and hugs

  3. HI Ramute,I was talking about the dreams in future tense, the hopes for happinessand health and sharing either it be with family or a loved one.I always hold faith in my night dreams however, it's the long rangedreams I have no more faith in.Your way of recording your night dreams is the best :)LoveFatimah

  4. HI Sarah,Thank you for your hugs I know how much I mean to youand you mean the world to me also.I live day to day now and I dream of the future it's allWHITE NOISE if you know what I mean :)Love youFati

  5. hi,Fatimahi just finished my lesson preparing work.and before going to bed,i check your blog.what i want to say is that the music in this post is a kind of happy.:)Maybe,what is good or bad lies on how you look at it.Preserving optimism in the mind,everything will become well and you will be happy always.Hope you happy everyday!:heart:Li Wang

  6. HI Li,I wanted to talk to you about this song since you sent it to me howeveryou don't have the time anymore so I used it as I did. Thank you for your caring words and I do try to be postitive even whenso much around me is negative. :heart:Fatimah

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