Sharing a Sauna


After completing my office work and loading
20 boxes of brochures and other boxes in my car for work
I decided to go see my daughter since I have not been to
her house in a while.. She lives close by.

I was helping her with her pc and then my grand daughter
Carly, who is 11 and I write about her came home.

She wanted to come back to the Heaven house with me due to
the huge shower has a sauna inside it and she loves taking one.

After I completed my prayers I got in with her and shared
the steam and wonderful converstation. I felt so blessed
to be able to share this wonderful experience with Carly.

The owner of this house has no idea how much joy she brought
back into my life and she is always telling me how important
I am to her..

Simple pleasures such as this 20 minutes I shared with
my grand daughter was enough to give me some joy back into
my heart.

Sharing a sauna and my life, I can't ask for more

With love

4 thoughts on “Sharing a Sauna

  1. hi Eve!I am congratulating Carly on the wonderful daughter. Every child always carries waft of the charm and loves. So as my of Ann…….

  2. HI Andreu,You are so right, Carly has the traits of her mother and her aunt whichshe is very close with also myself., I see so much of me inside her also.Your Ann must be a wonderful girl with a Dad like you and a great mom I amsure she is :)Fatimah

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