Happy Halloween

I was driving by some houses decorated with Halloween ghosts
and pumpkins and remembering the times taking my children
out trick or treating and all the fun it was.

I found this site and wanted to share it with all of my
foreign friends and also those in USA.

Halloween around the world

It's unusual to see and you know me always willing
to share my great finds ..

Enjoy with love,

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Hi, Fati, We do not cellebrate Hallowen. Only the younger generation does. During Russian occupation it was banned. Instead this is called All Saint's Day. Tomorrow is the All Soul's Day and and it is the state holiday. Everybody goes to the cemetary to visit their beloved deceased people and bring the flowers and candles. It is very beautiful in the evening and night when candles burn in all the whole cemetary. Love, Ramute:)

  2. HI Ramute,This is good to know I didnt know this I knew some countries had All Souls day and thank you for sharing about your country.LoveFati

  3. HI Sarah,I had a fun day today trick and treating in the stores I worked in :DHappy you are enjoying this day with your children too :)LoveFati

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