One Minute Vacation

Dancer of My Mind

We all get caught up in so much work and studying
and dealing with our families sometimes we need to stop what we are doing
and take a minute vacation.

A wise man recently wrote me this, thank you RKK..

One minute vacations, Life is made of them….
There are so many “one minute vacations” all round us.
We do not need to go Acapulco, Grand Canyoning or yachting…
We seem to have lost the art of seeing, of listening to the beauty all round us.
We always seem to " look at ", analyse rather than
taking in and merging with humanity.

Here is my minute vacation.. Music and nature PERFECT ….

What do you do for your minute vacation?



4 thoughts on “One Minute Vacation

  1. Hi,FatimahIt's another good post.Thank you for sharing with us.Mind will be fine and strong,if keeping to exercise,such as dancing.:):heart:Li Wang

  2. Hi Eve!Thank for your blog. The music is relaxating and romantic. And text – is interesting!What do you do for your minute vacation? I am stopping for a moment, I am puzzling. I remember days which passed. Whether I did "something good" for the second man. If so it "I am going" come on, and if I am puzzling not it oneself how to improve…..

  3. HI Andreu,I am sure you do good all the time it's the kind of person you are :)the one minute vacation means to free your mind from thinking and enjoy things that are beautiful and peaceful and non stress related.Fatimah

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