Beauty and the Beast on DVD

Finally someone in Hollywood listened

A Promise to Remember

Beauty and the Beast:Complete First Season (TV Series)

In September of 1987, television viewers saw something a bit different as CBS debuted the modern update of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

This new show unveiled the story of two people, intrepid lawyer Catherine Chandler and the "Beast" Vincent, and their often hazardous adventures in the city of New York and in the underground, labyrinthine network of tunnels beneath the city, which housed an organized community of outcasts who eked out a meager existence without the knowledge of the surface dwellers.

Now, to look at that premise, the assumption made by the casual audience was that this new series would center predominantly on action- and suspense-oriented sequences. However, while there were scenes that raised testosterone levels, it quickly became obvious that the main thrust of the show would revolve around the platonically romantic relationship between beautiful Catherine Chandler (Linda Hamilton, TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2) and gentle but inhumanly lion-faced and -maned Vincent (Ron Perlman).

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3 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast on DVD

  1. Each week millions of viewers would fall in love againI have many of these shows already 🙂 and can neversee them enough times.They instill the power of love over and over.:)

  2. Hi!I see this film. But about 5 years ago. My all family was brought up with this love. Uncanny how this emotion is strong, and beautiful!!

  3. HI Andreu,I am so happy to know this series has reached far and wide in our world and if more tv shows like this were on tv our world might be a more loving and forgiving place.Fatimah

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