Back from Heaven House


After spending 2 weeks in Heaven house and running
back and forth to my house I need a vacation haha.

It was much nicer not working when I was there however
less profitable ..

My sweet Cera gave me a kiss goodbye as she stood up on her
little hind legs to kiss me..

Maude is senile and really doesn't think to well any longer
so I kissed her instead.

I will see them Friday when I go back to clean ..

I really do enjoy being there however, it is stressful
for me to run my business from there without my printer.

Next time I am there for longer than a week I will
take one of my 2 printers for sure..

lessoned learned 🙂

Today is Election day in USA .. not for President … darn it.
but for other high officials.

I hope the best win .. that's all we can ask for.


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