2 Worlds


A long time ago,when all of us were spirit only,
we lived together in a world named, …
All of us were muslims and clean <pure>

We promised to ALLAH
we will follow you,
when you send us to
ADUNA..<this world>

Now, you know me,
because I knew you
along time ago..
in our….1st world

Written by M. NS.
for me
A new teacher in Islam



6 thoughts on “2 Worlds

  1. Explaination:I have been searching for many years to find someone whom I candiscuss Islam with and also have questions answered. It's hard to live inside a faith alone and not have questionsanswered..It;s like trying to hear music when you are deaf . This man is educated and from what I have seen so far a good Muslim.. His words were so beautiful I wanted to illustrate them and share them with all my readers.. Please enjoy and don't worry I am not becoming a fanatic :)LoveFatimah

  2. HI Diem,Wenchong is online too now.. on yahoogo talk with him I have to go to work Thank you for keeping intouchMissing you lotsLoveMom

  3. Hi all of my friends Thank you ,thanks for missing me and i miss you all the time too Thanks for the beautiful pictures and i love it very much plz take care keep in touch with each other:):)Wenchong

  4. HI Wenchong.I miss you too and I know you are busy studying as Diem is also.I am happy you both had the chance to talk to each other today as I went to work .. Try to keep intouch with Diem maybe send him sms too :)Keep up the great job in the University.I expect you to be a great graduate.Fatimah

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