Seeing RED !!!

I received this in an email as I do so many emails
and this one really made me see red.

What happen to understanding and tollerance?
What happen to saying NO to the government and getting
rid of the leaders whom give our jobs to other countries?

I also have seen Mexicans doing work that Americans would do
do it's not just one sided however, most of the jobs that
the Mexicans do in USA is work that Americans WOULD NOT DO!

Here is what I wrote back to the person who sent it to me.

This shirt really hurts my feelings..

This country was built from those who did not speak english and
immigrants are not our problem it's the government that allows
our companies to move out side USA and OUTSOURCE our jobs
to India and Pakistan and Egypt and also China.

I was told this in Egypt," speak Arabic or go back to your country"

It hurts me believe me to be told this and I am happy that Mexicans
are working in USA doing work Lazy Americans are NOT doing.

You just gave me a post for today thank you.
I walked in their shoes, I know how it feels 😦



9 thoughts on “Seeing RED !!!

  1. I really feel these people who send these emails aroundare forgetting the birth of the USA was made fromIMMIGRANTS.. from IRELAND.. ENGLAND.. Sweeden OH lets not forget the SLAVES.. Who were forcedto work in USA at the mercy of the slave OWNERS..They too did not speak english did anyone tell them to get out?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the only real AMERICANS are the INDIANS whom had their landstollen.. HOW SOON THEY FORGET 😦

  2. : SOMEONE SENT VIA EMAIL !! …im with you Fatimah it is indeed horrible….try to have a good day sister the love of many are with you…..your comments to this travesty are bang on, how weak and gutless its hideous……shine on Fatimah….love + hugs ….Henry..x..

  3. Dear Fati,I agree wholeheartedly. This country is made of immigrants………However, it should be done in a legal manner for the record as well as taxation and benefits.Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. :heart:

  4. these are very sensitive subjects. I went back and forth withone of the good Opera people about this. I agree with you, ourthoughts are the same but there are so many complicated issuesthat go along with too many crossing the border illegally.:heart:Sarah

  5. Fatimah,When I was younger I wanted to travel to USA on Route 66… I love American Muscle cars… (Mustang, Chevi…) and Harley's bikes also… I thought that The American Spirit was inside of me !!But since 91 my dream was falling down… In 2001, on this Bad Day for Humanity… I understood that the World would never be the same… I was horrified and "American… Again in my heart !!!…"But today, America, the country I wanted to know…, today, America accepts "too much" things…I'm sad… really sad !!P.

  6. HI Sarah,I know whom you are speaking of and you were so right to fight over that issue as I did also at the same time with the same personThere is good and bad issues to this subject, however this email of the T shirt really was the last straw on the subject.Love Fatimah

  7. Hi Henry,Thank you for your support and I know how easy it is FW.. things without realizing who gets them.. I am just tired of it ..I know the illegals here in USA are causing alot of problems legally withcrimes and using our medical systems for free and also gaining things from USA even Americans CAN NOT !!! this bothers me big time since I don't have health insurance after working all my life I have0 benefits and I can't live in my social security when the time comesI will have to live OUTSIDE USA to live at all.Love and hugs back Henry :)Fatimah

  8. HI P,I love those cars also . they make me nuts when I see them in the car showsI remember racing in them in the 60s and I wish those times never left.I do understand what you are speaking of also.. I agree USA does take to muchfrom the tyrant government we now have.. Soon it will change and the worldwill be in peace once more.Thank you P, for sharing .. :)F

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