Today.. I spoke to an ANGEL

New Music

Graceful Soft Chid

by a friend of mine:

Ken Townshend

I was doing my coffee machine demo today
in Sears department store and as usual I had to go
to get more water for the machine.

As I was filling up the jug with water, a little girl who
was wearing a beautiful purple dress and
trying to get a drink of water near me
kept looking into my eyes
and playing with the water.

I explained to her," You are getting water all over
your beautiful dress" She smiled and kept looking at me.

She then asked me, "What's your name?"
I replied, "Fatimah "
the little girl being around 4 years old
said as she looked into my eyes,
"That's a beautiful name."

I was shocked to hear a child that age reconize a name being
Tears came to my eyes
and I felt blessed.

I asked her name and she said,"JADA" I then said,
"Oh your name is so beauitful too! We are so lucky
to have beautiful names"
She gave me a huge smile.

There was more to her than just being a child as I felt
when she spoke to me in this manner ..

I felt it was DIVINE

I really do believe today ..

I did speak to an ANGEL

with love and light,


7 thoughts on “Today.. I spoke to an ANGEL

  1. I sold 15 coffee machines today.. I sold them out yesterday and now they ordered 30 and they won't have enough for me to sell :DWish me luck to sell sell sell !!

  2. HI Andreu,My friend on myspace is a musician and artist and has cds he has madehe is very spiritual and full of "LIGHT"So happy you loved his music and very happy to see you here Fatimah

  3. Hi fatima, I am in office right now and didn't listen the music but have read your post.It is very sweet and innocent :)You know, it is a proverb here that " God talk to us through children" :)I hope you are understanding my point.And, you are selling coffee machines very fast? thats gread :yes:All the best for your futureLoveSadaf

  4. That is wonderful news that you are doing so well in this business.I know that God is blessing you and I wish you happiness. :)What a sweet story! :love:Sarah

  5. Hi FatimahI know I have said this before on your blog, but isn't it amazing when you meet people who touch your life even if it's only for a few seconds? I think that it's the most surprising – like receiving an unexpected present. And you are doubly blessed to be seeing these things in your everyday life.It also sounds like your coffee machine sales are doing very well. Must be the salesperson :wink:Love, JCL.

  6. HI Sadaf Sarah and JCLI am sorry I didnt get notification on your postsI just noticed now you posted to me 😦 Thank you for your loving words and your constantcaring .Love you Fatimah PS I am number one sales person in the company now 🙂 YES

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