Another Week at Heavens House

Today I go again for a week long
rest at "Heavens House"

My granddaughter Carly will come to stay with me on the weekends
as she loves the luxury we have in this house also 🙂

I am hoping my camera comes today so I may start enjoying
the use of this camera and take some photos of the areas
I am traveling in for work with all the leaves gone
things look so much differnt.

The Christmas tree is up in Heaven's House and I will take
photos of this and place it in my blog .. Its a Victoria tree
and not huge but a great size and so beautiful.

My sister does not put up a tree so it doesn't feel
like Christmas in my house 😦

Now for the pine scent 🙂 I love this also.

Watch for photos soon to come.. 😉

with love,

6 thoughts on “Another Week at Heavens House

  1. I do hope that you have lots of fun there! Sounds so romatic, in an old and expansive building that is so nicely decorated. Lucky you. 🙂 Enjoy!:heart:

  2. HI Sarah,Its beautiful here but I am alone 😦 no one to share this romantic home withjust the 2 dogs and Carly on the weekend ..Thank you for your wishes.. LoveFatimah

  3. Dont be sad fatima, you are not alone… we all are with you :)I am very excited to see the christmas tree you have.Have a nice time Love Sadaf

  4. HI Sadaf,I thought my new camera would have come on Tuesday however, I have not recieved ityet. I have my other camera however I wanted to take the tree photo with the new one since it would be much more brillant :)thank you my sister for your words. Your are so right.. I am not alone :)LoveFatimah

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