Christmas Tree in New York City

Forgotten Season Music

Tonight is the annual Rockerfeller Christmas tree
lighting ceremony

Each November this event happens with festivities and much joy.
The tree's more than 30,000 lights
will be turned on during the celebration.

Millions of tourists come to New York City
for the Christmas season and to see this magical tree
which most times comes from my state .. Connecticut.

I remember taking my chilren also to see the tree
and as we stood there looking at this huge tree,
we were amazed how large the decorations were compared
our own on our tree at home.

I have asked my daughter if we can take her girls down this year
to experience New York at Christmas time and I think we are going to go.

This would be a memory for all and one of the best days for me.

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21 thoughts on “Christmas Tree in New York City

  1. I chose this song, Forgotten Season since so much is focused on spendingmoney and not feeling the true meaningRichard Burmer's Forgotten Season is puremagic .Enjoy with loveFatimah

  2. We are so broke this year that we are also trying to focus on whatthe real reason for Christmas is, and it isn't all the new toys and so on that you can recieve. All in all I think that kids are happywith whatever they get, really. Growing up, my own experience is I was over joyed to get anything new, being in a big family and parents that were struggling. Honestly it will make them appreciatewhat they have and not just play with it once and forget it. This is a wonderful life lesson, and the New York tree is alwaysamazing and beautiful to see. This picture above does not do justice to such a massive and beautiful site it is at night whileall lit up. (even though I have never seen it in person, lol) Maybeone day! :D:heart:Sarah

  3. Christmas is the one time that I actually wish I lived up north so that I could experience the climate that I grew up with during Christmas seasons past. Luckily, I am able to visit my Mother in Ohio and, many times, it is snowing during my visit…then it really feels like Christmas; however, I can only dedicate a couple of days for the visit.It feels wierd down here to see the Christmas decorations and hear the Christmas music, while walking around in 70-80 degree sunshine!I have no children, so the burdon of providing new and exciting Christmas presents is not placed upon me during this Christmas season. To my Mother and my brother, I contribute money to Feed The Children in their names and provide them with a card so stating. I feel that charity is part of what Christmas is all about.Thanks for the pictures…I feel a little chilly just looking at them! :lol::happy:

  4. Good evening MOM and SISTERit is going to finish a year and new year will come:) lots of good things to remember and also to forget.This year i got many good things although there were many things what made me sad.they didn't make me weak because you are always next me and lift me when i need…Thank you, my dear family….I just fall in love with a girl:) The end i have found my QUEEN HEART and I am really really so happy…………………………………………Everywhere you are, I am there too to enjoy and get feeling with you:heart:I am sure that this Christmas will be the most wonderful…The music is so beautiful and warm:heart:Tristan

  5. HI Sarah,I grew up sharing Christmas with strangers MANY .. but the feeling was true and I gained many brothers and sisters in the boarding school and memoriesof a life time.. The few years I had with my parents are always vivid ones and so very cherishedI gave my children meaningful Christmas memories and not all our Christmaseswhere of new gifts or even gifts.. just so much love.I did a good job rasing them as they are now teaching their children the rightmeaning of Christmas.I hope one day you can come EAST Sarah and I will go West and we will meetand enjoy our time.Love to youFatimah

  6. HI Lee,I know what you mean about Christmas in the heat.. Egypt was the same but not that hot and yet they celebrate Christmas with decorations and trees and all the things we do here but there isn't any snow.What you do in the name of your mohter and brother is wonderful and a true blessingI am happy you take the extra step and share your hard earned money with those less fortunate.. God smiles down on you Lee and the chilren you help smile up at God.Thank you for sharing and commentingFatimah

  7. Hello Tristan.Yes we are inside your heart and you know we are here for you always.about this girl I hope you will take care of your precious heart and not allowthis girl to hurt you the way the last one did..Remember you deserve so much and don't allow any girl to give you less than you deserve.Love to you sonMom

  8. Hello fatima,I don't know I should ask you this here or should PM you so please forgive me if I do something wrong.I was wondering, why on the christmas christians decorate TREES with lights? and are there any special trees that are selected for the decoration? I mean what is the actual concept or belief behind that.But whatever it is, You people decorate your christmas trees very nicely. Very attracting :)I love to see them. I know something about Santa that he come on christmas day and distribute gifts in the children…etc but don't know the complete story behind Santa.I wish you all the best for your christmas and hope you all will enjoy your festival alot :)All the best to everyone reading this With LOVESADAF

  9. Good afternoon MOM,Thank you so much for all:heart: your advices are so right and as you know that before i do everything I usually think about it so much to consider, then all things considered I just decide to do or not.she was born in good family ( about life situation and other things..) hers is better than mine much. But she always brings love,kindness,valour…etc to me. Specially she always "BLOOM" smiles everytime….her warm,sweet,sympathize smiles…make me happy, love life more…She brings me her heart what i need.But in love,we spend our heart to feel and say love, don't you? :)I love you too,MOMsonTristan

  10. HI Sadaf,Your question is perfect for my post about the tree in's important for everyone to know the "WHYS" about everything in all cultures and this will give a better understanding and bring minds and hearts closer .I will do my next post to answer your question thank you for the idea :)Thank you also for your wishes at this time of year it's a fun timeand most people are in a joyous mood and less crimes are committed during thisseason.Love to you Fatimah

  11. HI Tristan,Thank you for sharing with me and showing me you are happy. I just want you to be alsosafe and not get hurt like you did before . Enjoy your love and yes we do share the words and feelings of love all the timesince you don't know if tomorrow will come.Keep me posted how you are and how your girlfriend is . Say Hi to her from me and I wish you so much love alwaysLoveMom

  12. Good afternoonIt would be so nice if more people celebrated christmas fo it's true meaning.The media with all it's revenue generated shopping commercials take away all that christmas is about.God Bless this christmas season.Steven

  13. HI Steven,You are so right they try to make people feel guilty for now being outshopping lol . GOOD OLD ADVERTISING Thank you for sharing it's nice to know you feel as I do too.Fatimah

  14. Good evening MOM,I sent yours to her and she wanted to say Hi to you.I want to do a post which writes her and me but she didn't agree with me. I am sorry;)Thank you for caring me:heart:sonTristan

  15. HI Tristan,Ok don't worry about that maybe she is a private person or maybe she is hiding something and doesnt want anyone to know about you and her .. who knows.Take care Love MOm

  16. Good evening MOM,Thank you for understanding, I said that you don't allow me to pulish them but i still write and when you want to read them I will pulish…yesterday After i went to help someone, i phoned her and I opened my heart to her all things what i think and do in near hour. She could understand my heartness or not, time will answer.I felt my mind, soul and heart ease.It is good for me now:)Love you,MOMsonTristan

  17. HI Tristan,thank you for sharing with me and please be careful with your preicous heart you can't take another heartache and at this timeyou don't need one.Keep studing and growing in your education you will be better off.LoveMom

  18. Good evening MOM again,I know that and I am still young if don't want to say very young so I could decide something tobe in a hurry. How could you get back? Yes, I ask myself this question after each time I did wrong.And this time??? I think she doesn't understand my heart.We knew each other a long time ago (about 2 years ago)and just met each other in 2 months ago.We have talked much…She knew me via my close friend and I did too. She knew me much and I did too…she said she sympathize with me when I said I have fallen in love with her…We have thought about our future. She is still studying and will be finished in about 2 or 3 years later. I said that its time is my chance and good for her and me and I could do something to creat life-stable…Of course, she knew my illness and almost my life how…Thank you for caring and advising me with your heart.They are so right and i am sure that I couldn't be hurt anymore.heartson

  19. HI Tristan,anyone can be hurt at any age.. Look at me 😦 always hurt due to my lovingand caring heart.. just be careful. I am now always.Love Mom

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