The Story of the Christmas Tree

Sadaf asked a good question and
gave me the idea to explain it further.

If you don't ask "WHY" you will never know.
I found a great page that explains it and also
has a wonderful song.. "OH CHISTMAS TREE"

The story

I hope you will enjoy the link and song..

With love


6 thoughts on “The Story of the Christmas Tree

  1. Ok, so the indoor tree idea came from Germany. Very interesting! We'll have to tell Elke thanks. 😀 Nice story and thanks for sharing the link. :)Oh yeah, you can go and record again, I hope the new post helps. :love:

  2. HI Sarah,thanks for reading and I haven't seen Elke in a long time or Ramute 😦 I miss both of them I wrote to Ramute but she is away I guess.I will try recording again :)thanks for letting me know :love:

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