How Do You Feel?

How Do You Feel?
written by
to Fatimah

Synergy of One

How Do You Feel?
I knew it.
reward and gift,
Present and blessing.

From HIM to us
for a blessed day
for a blessed night
for a blessed life.

I am happy,
You are happy,
We are happy.
For sure…
HE will be happy.

With love,


11 thoughts on “How Do You Feel?

  1. this is the final 6 of 6music is all Soul Wirecan you see my journey?Do you feel the end? Thank you for readingand being a part of my JOURNEY … In love and light,Fatimah

  2. HI Elke,thank you for your wishes and I have not forgotten the photosfrom New York City :)May your Christmas be a blessed one and New Yearsthe best yet.LoveFatimah

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