3 Wise Men


The 3 Wise Men traveled a long distance
for the birth of Jesus.

The true feeling of Christmas
and the meaning which it all stands for.

Not many words needed,
only feelings and the beats
from your :heart:



4 thoughts on “3 Wise Men

  1. Hi FatiThe true meaning of christmas has been about christ all along if only our society would just remind each,and everyone of this instead of making it into a tremendous financial gain for the retail business's we all would be so much better off.Wishing you the best christmas season of all dear friend.StevenP.S The music was very fitting.

  2. HI Steven,Thank you for understanding and agreeing .. It's all about a birthday .. not spending.They took the 3 Wisemen carrying gifts as an ICON to market the retail end. BUY BUY BUY..I do believe this is where it started :)Wishing you and your family a wonderfulholiday season.Fatimah

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