Peaceful Vacation


I will be on vacation for a week
I might have time to post.

Wishing all of you had a wonderful Christmas
and also I am wishing you all a great NEW YEAR

May 2007 be greater than 2006 and bring to all
good health, prosperity and love.

Love to all,

16 thoughts on “Peaceful Vacation

  1. Have a wonderful time Fatimah.I will miss you while you are away,and will be thinking of you,and praying you have a safe trip.Steven

  2. :hat: Wishing you all the same to you too :cheers: Wishing you also a great vacation :monkey: May all you 2007 wishes come through :coffee: May you also have a wonderful and safe journey to where ever your travelling :hat: Once again may you Still have a happy holidays and a great and amuzing New Year and Eid Mubarak and take care stay well and be well :cheers:

  3. awwrh! lovely snowman picture!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas sweet one. i hope you get as sun drenched and peaceful as is humanly possible!. We'll e-mail once you return! 😀

  4. My MOM,Thank you so much for your heart wishes and wish you too:heart:May God bless you and may you will be well always to share with us your beautiful posts:love:Have a good time!Son

  5. Thank you all for your notes,however, my trip to NYC was a nightmare,I never left Grand Central until I returned home at 1230 am the same nightWHY?

  6. Thank you all for your wishes and sorryfor my plans being ruined and my healthbeing effected and others involved as well.Thank you my Opera friends for always being here for me and loving me for ME no matter how roughthe waters of my life get you all are always herewith open arms.I love you all,Fatimah

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