Real Love

The Light in Your Eyes

It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon.
A flock of birds was spending great time searching for food
and playing on the main road.

All of a sudden, a big truck sped through…
A very sad thing had happened.

Birds can feel too. Although this bird had already died,
another bird flew over to her immediately,
just like a family member, unable to accept the truth.

Not long after that, another car stormed in causing the dead bird's body to whirl with the wind.
The spouse noticed the movement.
As if she was still alive, he quickly flew beside her again.

He stayed beside her and yelled … "WHY ARE YOU NOT GETTING UP!?"

Unfortunately, she's no longer able to hear him.
In the meantime, he's trying to lift her up.

He, of course, was unable to bear the burden.
Another car soon passed by. He quickly flew off.
Once the car had gone, he came down again.

Although other birds told him its useles, he never gave up.
He was trying his best to lift her up to see her flying again.
Another car passed by, her dead body whirled again
as if still alive and trying to fly.

He had used all of his energy, however…

The photographer said he couldn't shoot any longer. The photographer was so worried that the living bird was going to get hurt by passing cars. So he picked up the dead bird and left it at the roadside. The live one still lingered at a nearby tree as if crying with his singing and refused to leave.

Wishing humans could show the same dedication,

With love,


27 thoughts on “Real Love

  1. This was sent to me from my friend Arif in Pakistanhe knows my heart he knows my soulI post from time to time wonderful PPS files he sends meand now this wonderful and yetsad post.. If only humans can show this kind of loveIf only ………

  2. Such love is always there, but shadowed by more material things. If we ever care to look inside there is a heart always oozing with love. But opening of heart and showing love is considered taboo since the begining of the civilised human society. When god was expirmenting with the creation s/he (dont want to be politically incorrect) added higher intelligence in an animal called human and since then god is unable to create anything new, looking to the mess generated by the new creature.Sorry, I am just in sarcastic mood… but still …with love,JV

  3. A sad post indeed. I am so happy to hear that someone moved the dead bird out of the road so that the other bird would not meet the same fate.:(

  4. HI JV,I have missed your mind and your heart.You are right. and I do know there are some people dedicated in love as this bird however, they are rare like the seashells I found on the Sahara desert.nice to see you again and keep intouch :)LoveFatimah

  5. Read your post, make me thinking..If Birds could show love,care n respect, just why.. sometimes the humans couldn't.. 😦

  6. HI K,yes this is the point of the photographer.I have seen in older people married for 75 years this kind of dedication when one dies soon after the other one follows… No more are the now generations so dedicated or willingto follow.Thank you for feelingFatimah

  7. Really very very inspirating story…I feel more sad after reading this story and seeing these images because I have seen some HORRIBLE images last night. i will show you tonite on my blog :(It is a fact that Birds and animals have MORE sympathy and love than HUMANS 😦

  8. HI Steven,yes it's very touching and I am hoping by sharing this post it will remainin the minds and hearts of my readers.thanks for feeling it alsoFati

  9. MOM,Do peer at the photos which make me 😥 and I heared someone said that Every cloud always has a silver lining. I do hope that the life will be better for the lovely animals:heart:Son

  10. I'm really moved. I really suffer when I see little animals like these birds in trouble. Saddly for me (I think), I don't feel the same when I see some people in pain and I know who that people is and what they have done… you know, bad people. But when I see good people in pain o trouble I see them like those little birds and, if I can, I try to give them a hand…Love, Keyboard Fan

  11. HI KBF,Yes I do know how you feel, it's hard to pass anyone in pain in my heart, even the rich lol.I suffer too when I see a dead animal on the roads and I say a prayer for themto have their souls be well. Thank you for having a great heart < which I knew already > and for feelingfrom the photos also.LoveFatimah

  12. HI son.yes that is a saying and sometimes the clouds don't have a silverlining only more darkness 😦 We must go and search for our silver lingings in all places.Please take care and be well.Love Mom

  13. Wow… so sad yet so true… Would you mind if I redirect some people to this post in order to prove my point on animals' souls/feelings existance?

  14. HI Aleks.No please do .. anything to show people how us humans are compared to theanimal world .. I would appreciate it very much..Thanks Fati

  15. This cute little swallow wasn't sad at all. The male did not try to lift her, It's obvious that he was trying to breed her. (ask any bird lover/watcher like me)Humans are very good to create their own stories with animals it's called anthropomorphism.These few pictures won't prove any point on animal feelings existance but it's indeed very sad to watch.

  16. Hello Martin,I have to disagree with you since I have had animals all my lifeand rasied many birds.This male was not trying to breed her since the smell of death was already present and like most in the animal kingdom they turn from the sick and the dead only few species stay with the dead as in Elephants and monkeys ..You seem to making your own story and even if this isn't true what's wrong with some added love and fantasy? Is life so black and white for youthat GREY isn't needed?Thank you for your commentFatimah

  17. Hello Fatimah,I am a Vet technician and I have raised many birds myself too. I read a lot also, you can read in many books (like The Book of Birds Anatomy) that: "Modern data based on experiments and anatomy of both the nasal cavities and the olfactory lobes of the brain suggest that most birds have practically no sense of smell. The exceptions are Kiwis which have poor eyesight and hunt worms using their sense of smell." … and vultures…" etc. The birds that need a good nose to feed have it. The swallows need good eyes to cath the bugs and the sense of smell would be very useless.There's nothing wrong about making your own stories and add love and fantasy but sometimes ( like with dogs) it can create behavior problems. Watch the Cesar Millan show on National Geographic Channel, it's the best exemple. But I agree that in "our case" here, it dosen't matter at all what people think it was.

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